Some Artists Sites Or Channels That I Recommend

There are many others to be posted here as well.

Paint And Graphics
  • Petri Arts - A contemporary professional artist of character art that celebrates film and fans alike available to do custom artwork from his facebook page.
  • Cynthia Sheppard - A modern artist with whose art graces Magic: The Gathering card decks as well as numerous other venues offering her Gothic style to the world of fantasy art.
  • Fran├žoise Nielly - A French knife-painter whose portrait style paintings deal in posterized faces with dramatic splashes of colour.
  • Saori Kanda - With both a traditional and innovative approach to her creations, Saori Kanda turns the process of creating art into art itself as well as becoming part of the canvas. Check her YouTube channel to see these artistic performances and a collection of her motion art.
Props, Costume And Cosplay
  • Yaya Han - She's an original designer and cosplayer that has been crafting high quality costumes since cosplay's early beginnings (rumour is that her and some others started the tradition of costume wearing on Halloween). She has developed her art into a successful Cosplay business and appears on the show Heroes Of Cosplay on Syfy as well as showing up on the Cosplay circuit.
  • Kropserkel - A professional costume, prop and media production company featuring an impressive portfolio of film and television costumes and props along with many replicas for the cosplay community.
Music And Composition

  • David Schindler Music - One of my favourite pianists and published composers whose award winning musical and song writing career goes back to the 1970s, including a co-writer Juno nomination with one of my favourite singers.

  • Jane Friedman - fiction blog resource for readers and writers

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