These are all pictures of me Brian Joseph Johns taken over the last five years roughly in the order they were taken from newest to oldest. The top two are the most recent within the last week or so (as of November 17, 2015). The last one is of me when I was eleven years old. Yep that's me. I was a first class nerd and darn proud of it. I didn't really start getting fashion conscious until I was fourteen. Fortunately I was never a bully but was a victim of bullying for years right up and into my mid twenties.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 200 Sherbourne Street in Apartment 701. I've lived here with the apartment and lease under my name for almost four years. I have a copy of the lease to verify that and a video on youtube that verifies that as well.

Yes they're all pictures of me and no, I'm not into myself or selfish. I'm just about keeping my identity my own.

There's a lot of people who seem to be about stealing what other people accomplish for their own credit and I'm not a member of any such club or ideology that does that. The ideology I've become victim of believes they can through biomagnetism can swap one person's identity and persona with that of another. That's right, they believe they can replace you and your persona and consciousness with that from someone else's body. The logic they employ in such a belief is that they've practiced learning how to trigger other people's bodies to produce hormones via biomagnetism.

Using this, colors and common psychology the group claims to be possessing or controlling their victim. The truth is that it's all nothing more than smoke and mirrors. This is not related to any philosophy from the Far East of Asia by the way despite its similarity to some. My love interest is Oriental so I'm definitely not against anything to do with the beliefs of the Far East of Asia. Its just a method of theft practiced by some very cruel and evil people here in North America designed to make people who speak out against it appear to be cutting down other cultures. The group that conducts it uses it to steal the life accomplishments of their victims until the victim has nothing left. They set up a paradigm whereby they charge a price for carrying the bad of a person that is paid for by their good. When they set up around a person to do this, they dump their bad onto the victim so that the victim's good pays for their bad. That's the truth about it and their ideology and how it works. They then spy illegally upon their victim and any time the victim accomplishes anything good, they steal it from the victim by these means. That's their biggest secret and that's precisely how they operate.

They literally spend all day spewing hate and abuse at their victims around the clock and that's how they make people mean or even crazy and once again in order to create a reaction for which they can charge a price that is usually paid for by one of your good deeds or efforts. They literally get into a group hate frenzy (that means your neighbors if they're part of such a thing as mine are). In fact this cult believes that they are emptying the bad from you and that this should continue until you don't react.

Each time the price of emptying more of their garbage from you is paid for by your own good deeds and efforts. Remember that this bad and abuse is coming from them in a group. So every time you do something good, they just pile a bunch of their bad on you and your good pays for it. You don't get ahead at all and they just continue abusing you. Sooner or later you seem to be the intolerant one as a result, and they take the place of being nice. Its a scam.

There's even people who believe that this cult and its members are controlling me into writing the books I've written and that's why they give the good credit to those people and may even be stealing them from me and possibly selling them or the software I've written. As I've said this cult uses illegal surveillance that I've reported to the authorities (the Federal and local Police).

That's their ideology in a nutshell not to mention that they're racists when it comes to a male Caucasian person such as myself being in a relationship with an Oriental female (who was older). I'm not an abuser and never have been, I have no fantasies that involve harming Women and I have a whole history of girlfriends who'd confirm that. I like erotic role play and that's about it. This cult want people to believe that my original persona has been replaced with that of another person's so they can justify all of this. They've likely done this to others and someone has to stand against it. Some might sell it as being alchemy and if you hear of this don't buy it. It's not alchemy at all but just a means of theft of what you have that they want to take for their own credit.

Oh and by the way, my love interest really is really an Oriental lady in case you're wondering and I'm not a member of Prince Hall (no disrespect to the members who aren't so mean and provoking) though I am a fan of Manly P. Hall for certain. Manly P. Hall also revealed and warned people about the same kind of activity I exposed in the paragraph above. Manly P. Hall was a recognized 33rd Degree Freemason of the York Rite. His approach was much more constructive and positive than mine, but he did not undergo the same sort of systematic abuse that I have but I'll bet if he was alive today, he'd be a target of this. I still try to accomplish some form of good for the world each and every day to justify my existence here. I'm not rich and I struggle from month to month to make ends meet by making honest effort with the goal of financial independence. I don't steal other people's efforts and I am not a pirate either so this is not some form of karmic punishment that has befallen me. The cult wants to make certain people seem selfish so that others will go along with doing that sort of thing to them. They put their victim through a process of steering things in that direction and to give others that appearance. People need to examine the lives of the people who conduct this soft of abuse rather than the victims of it.

And yes, I'm the author of The Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative, Stories From The End, The Archive, The Field The Butterflies And The Dragon, Once Written Once Read, Delphi Tidbits, The Legendary Of Xarn and my company Shhhh! Digital for which I am the sole software developer. Despite being stalked and abused and stolen from I'm a busy guy. Maybe when illegal surveillance is stopped I might actually prosper from my own effort and be able to enjoy things in life like freedom from such abuse like everyone else in the country. I'm not a terrorist nor have I ever had a criminal record in my life so there's no justification to spy on me. To get around that this cult swaps my identity with other people who might have been and that they feel justified to spy on. Its a big scam and that's the truth. If you don't believe me, look at the damage this ideology did to this blog because its colors are the colors of the rainbow and because of what I protected. Read the earlier posts on this blog and you'll see the progression of what actually happened as a result of this cult's continuous abuse and its not like I've done anything to deserve it. It's their method of theft and I have no plan of keeping their secrets.

So the bottom line is:

  • They believe they can possess and replace other people's personalities with their group hate ideology.
  • They believe they can control people by this method. They call it remote controlling you.
  • The cult believe that people who react or respond to this sort of treatment are "robots" and have no consciousness of their own. The word robot comes from the Czechoslovakian word robota which means to work for one's land lord to pay their rent.
  • The cult also believe that if they can get a hateful reaction from their victim that they are more beast like than conscious. Another measure for consciousness. Some people take this really far and prevent such people from taking part in society.
  • They use colors to represent the transference of such ideas between people.
  • They conduct illegal spying on their victims to know the colors of things that you interact with.
  • They reverse the meaning of words to their opposite always to their own benefit in order to get away with this conduct.
  • They use abusive biomagnetism to affect their victim's negatively and trick their body into producing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.
  • They try to get a hateful reaction from you by this effort in attempt to make you the bad and them or one of their members the good side of things.
  • They use any wrong reaction you have as an excuse to steal anything good that you do by taking something good from you to pay for it.
  • They tried to get a reaction from me once by threatening the life of a child relative of mine. That threat was issued just after that child's family cat was systematically killed and dismembered and left for a family member to find as a warning not to mess with them. That's how bad this cult are by the way.
  • They monitor the victim's reactions but they never monitor the abusers who are instigating the reaction. They often let the people the victim know in on what is monitored of them and use that as a means and attempt to disconnect them.
  • There are benevolent people who are in on the eavesdropping and in support of the victim whom the local cult try to trick the victim into attacking as a means of breaking down support for the victim and disconnection. The cult want the victim isolated so they can put their full load on one person. Its also easier for them to make the victim appear "crazy".
  • They try to use their victims as "guns" which basically means they try to fill the victim with their bad, and then trick the victim into reacting against one of their enemies. This transfers the bad from the victim to the people they reacted harshly against.
  • The cult make "guns" by reversing the definition of words and particularly the definition of love and hate. That sets the rules for how a person's good and bad is distributed to others. In other words if they can manipulate their "gun" to react harshly to their cult's enemies, they can dump the garbage that they've piled onto their gun onto their enemy.
  • Biomagnetism can be used to make someone react hatefully but it cannot be used to make someone fall in love. Love is a true symbol of freewill and cannot be induced with hormones.
They've been harassing and stalking me for years now. Keep that in mind when you hear me react to their abuse. If you do and you hear it in my home and you aren't a neighbor, then you must know because you're also listening in illegally. I am not a member of any gang and I am not a sex offender or pedophile so there's no justification for what this cult are doing.

Usually when the cult start up with their abuse, they're trying to get something good from their victim into someone else by making the victim contradict the sort of behavior that goes with that good thing. Even if the victim created that good thing themselves. They try to get the worst reaction they can from the victim to cast them in a poor light to others. Others never get to hear or see the abuse and how long it goes on for or experience the abusive biomagnetism that accompanies it. They just see the victim's reaction and therefore have no context. Everything the cult does is usually about colors and the transference of blood (that's what they call the ability to possess someone else or to fuel someone else's life with the ability to do something). That means they believe even that their proximity to the victim is the reason the victim can accomplish anything at all.

It's organized theft. Nothing more. I am not a "red brown" or a "blue brown". I don't operate in that paradigm of colors though I do love Japan.

I believe that this cult has stolen my identity and has been using this illegal eavesdropping technology to siphon what I accomplish and credit it to others while giving me a much different identity from my own. This is reflected by how I'm treated in the neighborhood where I live. This cult believes they are possessing or controlling me and use that idea as a justification to steal from me.

And yes I'm Buddhist and Taoist. I am not a member of any Christian faith at all. Oh, and I'm not Doug by the way.

Hate is not love and love is not hate.
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