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Though far from being an angel (and a little farther from being a devil), I try to make a bit of effort towards helping out with causes or helping others who help those causes.

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Some of my letter for Write For Rights from 2012 and 2013. I am not a perfect angel and I do like to have fun, drink occasionally and play video games and slouch on the couch. There are a lot of active people in these regards to such things that far exceed my efforts, but when I focus on it, I do my best. Part of that is giving those who have the power to address such problems the chance to make positive change when its pointed out. There are also many around me who've tried to take what I've done from me. So here is a small sample of that effort here.

To Thein Sein in pea of the case of Doctor Tun Aung:

Your Excellency,

As a citizen concerned for the rights of others, I am writing this letter in regard to the case of Doctor Tun Aung. 

He was arrested and has been held in detention wrongfully since June of 2012. I request that Doctor Tun Aung's case be reviewed as he has not committed nor provoked any violence.  I also request for his immediate relocation to Insein prison until the reexamination of his case and that he receives medical care and treatment for his pituitary tumour and any other medical care that he requires.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to hear of further progress in the case of Doctor Tun Aung.

Brian Joseph Johns

For The People Of Mexico

Dear Attorney General,

I am a Canadian citizen who is concerned with the case of Miriam Lopez a citizen of Mexico who is under the protection of its rights and laws. Miriam was subjected to brutality that is absolutely unacceptable in any circumstance and requires your prompt action in her case immediately. Miriam is deserving of the same rightful treatment that every citizen of Mexico is entitled and has suffered a grave injustice and gross violation of her rights and person.

I implore you to carry out a full and extensive investigation of those who were responsible for her treatment and torture and ensure that they are brought swiftly to justice. I also request that you make the results of this investigation public and that Miriam and her children receive therapy for their emotional damages and are compensated for their suffering.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter and I look forward to hearing of progress in her case.


Brian Joseph Johns

The Case Of Ihar Tsikhanyuk

Dear General Prosecutor,

I am a citizen who is concerned about the ill-treatment of one of your citizens. 

This citizen is under your protection as are all the citizens of your country and deserves the right to live harassment and threat free regardless of his sexual orientation. He has suffered violence and indignity while after trying to register a human rights group that supports LGBTi rights. This matter should be investigated and the perpetrators be brought to justice as his rights should be protected. 

Recently in a statement issued by President Vladmir Putin, he publicly acknowledged that one of the most well known artists world wide and a renowned ambassador by way of his music was admittedly gay according to accounts. What if his rights were trounced and he was denied his musical writing career? The world would have lost out on one of the most beloved classical composers and an important and timeless voice for your people. Please consider this fact when you review the case of Ihar Tsikhanyuk in ensuring his and the protection of others.

Thank you for reading this letter and I look forward hearing of future progress on this matter.

Brian Joseph Johns

In Regard To Peace Talks For Palestine

Dear Minister,

It is in the interests of goodwill and fair treatment with regard to the rights of both the peoples of Israel and Palestine that I am writing to you today. In order to keep the peace and the claim of land rights of the people of Israel, also must the rights and land claims of the people of Palestine be considered and respected. It is only through mutual respect and earnest negotiations that two parties will find rapporte rather than reproach when salving conflict. Aggression and intimidation before negotiation has always proven a hopeless stimuli fanning the flames of conflict rather than planting the seeds of peace. 

The excessive approach that has been taken by the Israeli security forces against the settlement of Nabi Saleh has created just such a conflict and has resulted in injustice against the people of that settlement. This includes the taking of lives, something that should never be taken lightly by either side in such a conflict.

It is therefore that I must ask that the aggressive efforts used against those in the settlement of Nabi Saleh cease, and that reparations are made to the people of Nabi Saleh and that the security officers responsible for the killings of Mustafa Tamimi and Rushdi Tamimi and for the intimidation and injury of other villagers are brought to justice.

In the confidence of a lasting peace wounds must be tended to by both parties and given time to heal, so that future difference does not boil over into something that neither side can tame. Nabi Saleh is just one such responsibility and that is in your hands to mend and in time's hands to heal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and may the future lead to peace and hope for both parties.

Brian Joseph Johns

Care of his Excellency Moncef Marzouki

Your Excellency,

I write to you today in regard to an individual who today is being held prisoner for the crime of peacefully expressing his views with neither ire nor scorn. He was as such consequently arrested and charged with numerous offences in an escalation of his deeds, which were not criminal by the standards of international law. In the interest of protecting this individual and others I ask that you free Jabeur Mejri immediately and without conditions to his freedom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and thank you for Jabeur's freedom.

Brian Joseph Johns

Russian Federation

In Plea For The Release Of Protesters In The Russian Federation

Dear Prosecutor General,

I am writing to you in plea for the release of Vladimir Akimenkov, Artiom Saviolov and Mikhail Kosenko. The three men were arrested in June of 2012 and have been in custody ever since. Their imprisonment was the result of participating in mass riots and using force against police officers.

They did not according to their claims act in a violent fashion and there exists video footage to corroborate their story. Even one of the Police Officers who was attacked claimed that he had not seen the alleged assailant before in his life. Another has a speech impediment that would have made it very difficult or impossible to conduct what he has been charged with. Only one of the three has attended prior protests but has never taken part in any violence.

It is of the greater opinion that these men are innocent and are being held as prisoners of conscience and should be released without condition. I ask that you review the case against these me as their health is rapidly deteriorating as a result of their incarceration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing of progress in their case.

Brian Joseph Johns

In Regard To Housing And Forced Evictions In Nigeria


Your Excellency,

As a concerned citizen of this world I am speaking on behalf of the residents of a Badia East neighbourhood that was demolished in the February of 2013. It has been many months and many of the evicted are living without clean drinking water and a safe living space protecting them from the elements. There continues to be forced evictions according to accounts documenting such activity. Such action can lead to the spread of disease and other health concerns not only for those who lost their homes but also those trying to assist them. These forced evictions must stop and the evicted must receive compensation and alternative housing. Please find it in your conscience to see to this matter swiftly in the interest of those affected.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope to hear of future progress in this matter.

Brian Joseph Johns

Regarding The Use Of Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Dear Reader,

I am writing to you today to show my support for a ban against neonicotinoid pesticides, which have proven to be very damaging to some species in our ecosystem. The ban should target the protection of these species and others and in the future some innovative means should be approved for use. 

One such means for pest reduction is the use of natural predatory or parasitic species that can reduce the population of pests without affecting other aspects of the ecosystem. This form of pest control is being evaluated in the fight against harmful fire ants and have promising results such as not completely eradicating species but merely reducing population size to a manageable amount. 

This sort of population management could be adapted to include other pests in the future.

Here is a reference link to information about the methods researched by the North Carolina State University.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I look forward.

Brian Joseph Johns

In Regard To The Case Of Nasrin Sotoudeh

Your Excellency,

As a member of the international community, The Islamic Republic Of Iran must put a stop to the unjust imprisonment and mistreatment of a protector of its citizens, just as you are a protector as such, and send a clear message to the world in regard to the fair treatment of its citizens and to that of human rights world wide. This intent represents the interests of peace throughout the  world. Nasrin Sotoudeh, citizen of Iran and a citizen of our World Community is in need of that protection now. Please take the necessary steps to ensure her safe release and return to her family.

Yours Truly,
Brian Joseph Johns

In Regard To The Death Of Noxolo Nogwaza A Mother Of Two And A Member Of The Gay Community In Gauteng, Johannesburg

Dear Premier,

I am deeply saddened by the indescribable and horrendous death of Noxolo Nogwaza. This human being, a mother who was subjected to horrendous discrimination and whose daughters have been robbed of their mother has paid the ultimate price for her defense of human rights while those who have no grasp of human rights whatsoever are allowed to run free.

As the leader of Gauteng Provence in Johannesburg, it is with courage that you should stand in speaking out against targeted violence that victimizes those on the basis of their sexual orientation just as much as it does on the basis or their race. All should be free to live their life safe of discrimination, harassment and violence. 

Those within a group who feel the same way often are afraid to make a stand until someone finds the courage to speak for them. When such a person does, those within a crowd who feel the same way will be liberated from their fear and stand beside you. Often, those who do feel the same will outnumber those who don't, but they are ultimately isolated as a result of their fear and it is courage that unites those of a like sense of values. Please see to it that in the name of her children and women and the LGBTI communities around the globe that Noxolo Nogwaza receives the justice that she deserves.

Yours Truly,

Brian Joseph Johns

In Regard To Displaced Families In Libya

Your Excellency,

It is with great concern that I write this letter in regard to the displaced citizens of Tawargha. These people have survived the recent tumultuous events in Libya and have ended up as refugees in their own country. I am deeply disappointed to know that these people have lost their homes and, due to malicious activity have not been allowed to return in order to reestablish themselves. Please find it within yourself to promptly bring their case forward to the leadership and address the issue, so that they may be able to return in peace to rebuild and restore their homes in safety as they too have defended their families and their homeland in a time of upheaval and are as  entitled to their homes as those who have not been displaced.

Yours Truly,

Brian Joseph Johns

To Nigeria In Response To A Toxic Waste Spill

Dear Mr. President,

I am a citizen of Canada writing to express my concern regarding the oil spill that has affected the people of Bodo.

The people of Bodo and its natural habitat have been affected adversely by the spill.

An enviromental assessment should be conducted to determine the overall effects upon the habitat and a strategy for the removal of the oil and the restoration or the land should be undertaken so as to minimize its effects on the people of Bodo and its wildlife population.

An enterprising individual might see an opportunity to employ the unemployed people of Bodo as part of the cleanup effort and to maintain a transparent effort in all aspects of such an operation. Further the citizens of Bodo should be compensated for their losses and be ensured of a safe restoration of the habitat.

Yours Truly,
Brian Joseph Johns

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