A collection of channels that I recommend. [Last Update: Saturday.December.17.2013]

  • iJustine - A lady who has it all. A great sense of humour, a singing voice, beauty along with the fact that she's a multiplayer gamer to be reckoned with. She hosts a variety of channels on YouTube each detailing a different aspect of her many exploits not to mention the fact that every one of them is funny and interesting.

  • George Takei - George takes us boldly to places we've never been with humour from his book Oh My! and of course his many exploits during his life as a futurist and of course as a member of the crew and Captain of his own vessel from the original Star Trek cast. It is amazing how many ways the program has affected and influenced modern life. George is one person who knows and a great source of infinite knowledge in regard to that contribution and that of the crew and cast.

  • SoKo - A talented artist, actress and composer whose website contains a sampling of her video and musical compositions. She has been featured in The Lab Magazine (also on the Blogs and Publications page). Her musical stylings lay somewhere between near the artist like The Sugarcubes, Siouxie Sioux and The Sundays with the Smiths thrown in for good measure though the sound is definitely one all her own. Swooning vocal touches and splashes of guitar and atmospheric synth pads and lots of reverb make this great underground post goth alternative mood music. I can categorize it but in end it's real category is SoKo. Read the article in Lab for more.

  • ||Superwoman|| - Another variety channel from a comedicly talented lady who pokes fun and rhetoric at a variety of topics in her well edited and creative videos with her confident and sometimes brash style. You will believe a woman can fly.

  • Out There With Melissa - A website and television show starring Melissa DiMarco as an entertainment journalist along with a cast of different motion picture star interviewees every episode. Great dialog and funny interviews that mix Melissa's daily life antics into the show's plot and undercurrent. Women like Melissa and some others listed throughout this blog are a big character influence on some of my stories.

  • ClevverMovies - A great YouTube channel for new and reviews of everything to do with movies. Great news clips and interviews related to movies that are out or upcoming not to mention some stimulating speculative shows. A great cast of reviewers too who lend their character to the show.

  • Beyond The Trailer - Another great YouTube channel for news and reviews about the latest feature films and upcoming releases. A personal approach to the reviews and talk about those movies make it a good site for anyone who loves film.

  • AMC Movie Talk - Another great movie news and questions show in digestible and extended formats  with each video covering a single feature film or a variety of features, questions and answers. Another great channel for movie lovers.

  • HISHEdotcom - How It Should Have Ended is a cartoon created by the HISHE team that retells feature films in an abridged format with alternate endings to those you'd find in those films. The animation is great as are the story lines, and just like shows like the Simpsons, it has material making it equally appealing to young and old, though each might walk away with a different set of laughs. Highly recommended.
  • VSauce - A YouTube channel where you'll find the answers to the most intriguing questions that you never asked but probably thought of asking at one time but ruled out because it would have been way beyond your means to figure out. Michael and the VSauce team have taken that time and figured those questions out not to mention that they explain their answers with natural talent.

  • ASAP Science - Do you have five minutes and want to learn answers to questions in everyday life with a little help from science? This channel is for you. An interesting variety of subjects and questions are answered in short and entertaining video clips.

  • Tested - From the MythBusters gang comes Tested (insert eerie organ music here), a channel where the MythBusters gang test their latest experiments (and those of others') with a variety of guests and challenges. You will leave having learned something MythBusters style.

  • Stan Winston School Of Character Arts - A channel related to the school run by the legendary effects team that brought you creature effects for films like Aliens, Predator, The Terminator, T2, T3 and Terminator: Salvation and Jurassic Park 3  just to name a few. It hosts a series of historical videos documenting the design process of some of those characters as well as some lectures and information sessions. Highly recommended for movie and effects lovers.

  • Katytastic - A video blog series by a writer for writers and readers alike with informative videos and interesting topics for those who spend as much time in the virtual world of the ebook as they do outside of it.


  • Yaya Han - The great cosplayer has a youtube blog where she talks about getting into cosplay and the many things that come into her life in regard to cosplay. Great for cosplay Q&A or you can try her website.

  • Nerd Caliber - Cosplay is a unique and interpretive artform where upon fans of fictional characters make costumes of those characters and attend conventions and role play for photo shoots. Watching some of these videos will give you an idea of some of the enormous lengths that Cosplayers go to in order to achieve the perfect costume. A highly creative and admirable hobby and for many a profession.

  • Vamp - Another cosplay related channel with Leanna Vamp, a cosplayer and clothing designer. Her videos celebrate the energy of cosplay and the level of participation it has achieved from many people in all walks of life.
Social Courage
  • Princess Joules - A lady that has undergone the stages of gender transition in full view of the public and on her YouTube channel, who discusses the issues with regard to this process and her personal and public life. Her courage in this area has helped many lives with regard to those struggling with gender identity issues and as such has probably saved many lives.

Health, Healing, Well Being
  • Sarah LaBrie - Someone who has been active in terms of healing arts for a long time and who hosts a great youtube channel as well as a website offering her brand of healing arts. Serene and as much Serendipitous.

  • Yoga and Soft Music - A channel hosted by Dr. Melissa West that offers a chance to stretch out with follow along Yoga instruction all delivered in an accessible format that makes you feel welcome. Recommended for tension and stress relief. Her shows take on a different theme every week addressing an aspect of holistic wellness.[New]


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a phenomenon that people experience when watching certain activities that stimulates relaxation and healing in a natural sense. There are many great ASMR channels on YouTube and I'll list a few of my favourites here when I need to wind down after taking the beatings that the world sometimes doles out.

  • YangHaiying - Another ASMR channel which features an artist and many of her videos detailing her creation process. Very good ASMR and great art projects coming from a very well grounded lady. Her artistic creativity and exuberance make this channel a good one. Very peaceful and enjoyable.

  • ASMR Requests - An ASMR channel run by a creative duo who produce some great ASMR with special effects and props and interesting and informative content. Some role play as well as fantastic settings.

  • Hailey Whispering Rose Another ASMR healer whose focus is more on relaxation and coddling. A relaxing experience if you don't have enough coddling in your life that's sure to heal. She also had a web presence available here.

  • Fairy Char ASMR A lady with a natural penchant and talent for healing. A great channel to visit if you want to feel like you've just had a haircut or just visited the hair dresser's or had a session with a magical healer. Some creative role play too, very nice. She also has a shop where you can purchase her hand made jewelry.

  • EphemeralRift ASMR - Another ASMR artist whose effort is among the most creative and funny and visits upon interesting and informative topics with the use of props.

  • The One Lillium - A mixed channel including ASMR and a variety of creative videos including the most beautiful lullabies sung in elvish. Highly recommended for the elf lullabies. She also has a site for her professional relaxation healing which can be found here and at her new site here.[New]

  • Heather Feather - Another great channel where your host goes through great and creative lengths to produce a profound relaxation experience. Another creative channel with some great fx and good content. Very soft spoken and eloquent productions.

  • TheUKASMR - The lady that runs this ASMR site produces bite sized ASMR videos (in the ball park of 20 minutes in length) that is really great for on the spot relaxation and healing and the perfect length for some break time or lunch time healing and of course includes her creativity in the genre.

Exercise And Physique
  • Mike Chang's Sixpack Shortcuts - A site for those looking for an effective means to sculpt their body to near perfection, in effect making him an artist. Mike has spent many years working out effective approaches to shaping and toning each part of the body and shares his efforts on youtube.

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