Thursday, December 15, 2016

Still Alive Here...

Hi, I've not posted here for a long time and it's been a hectic since first being attacked by in person real life trolls (who would have ever thought that trolls would move to reality from the net?).

That's enough of the negative cause I'm sure its been a rough one for many other people as well. I thought I'd just say hi, and I miss all my former readers.

When I started this blog I actually started it as a place where I could post the good that caught my eye and present it. Mostly showing off other people whose effort I found to be creative, inspiring or courageous in some way. I guess when you do stuff like that its kind of hard to put you down online so my guess is they tried to do so in real life. I survived. Just barely. I'll try to return to the original roots here between work on my other blogs.

A lot has happened since my last posts here (even the manic posts about being stalked and abused). I managed to keep The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative going (just barely) with new stories and fresh material.

I know that it's coming up to the holiday season so happy holidays.

Brian Joseph Johns
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