Friday, August 14, 2015

Picture Proof Of My Computer And Work...

These are pictures I took today of me with my computer desktop and the editor or preference that I use for writing. That's my computer desktop and that's me beside it.

My current desktop at home on my first screen. I have two systems and two screens.

It turns out that what this cult have been doing is trying to push someone else's bad onto me from inside the building, painting me publicly as if I had a drug problem by the cult's form of abuse and harassment in place of this other person as a sort of Crossed Swords which is a variation of the story The Prince And The Pauper. A common dualistic archetypal theme in literature throughout history.

The cult appeared to be using it to steal the credit for my efforts and to apply them to someone else (a group of someone else's all members of a cult who does that kind of thing to people).

So the cult doing so have some form eavesdropping technology inside of the building that allows them to spy on people's computers and then share the output with their local cult members who use it in this community and city wide competition of stealing the credit for that person's work and applying it to others while dumping the worst identity onto their swap victim. The cult then proceed to punish and abuse their victim for the other person's bad or just stalk and abuse them to make the victim's reaction and behavior fit the activities of the other (usually drug related). I don't use, buy or sell narcotics so there should be no contention there.

Had to be a little bit of an acrobat to get the Prt Scr key on my computer to take the picture.

Its how the cult conduct character assassination and destroy the victim's future audience and marketability. A sort of pre-emptive censorship whereby they make the swap victim appear intolerant (I probably do as a result of what this cult has stolen from me in terms of time and abuse by such an illegal effort). This is civilians who conduct it by the way and often very abusively. Some even believe the victim to be "possessed" by the person(s) they've been swapped with so that further complicates things. Its how this cult steal someone else's efforts and credit them to someone else. When you catch onto it and expose it, they might try to turn the tables on you.

A picture from my computer desktop I used when I was writing A Lady's Prerogative and Stories From The End while I was at Heyworth House, a homeless shelter in Toronto, Canada. I was homeless for 8 years but I spent every bit of that time working to get myself off the ground and often fighting for the rights of others and myself including fighting for the right to vote while in a shelter and with little identification. I always vote. This picture was sort of a scarecrow that I used to warn the eavesdroppers to stay away. I don't think they listened. Ironic with poor Cecil in the news having been beheaded by that trophy hunter. Maybe there's a bit of symbolism intended there? I think that this cult steals the identity of people who really try and push themselves to succeed and applies that identity to other people to fuel their lives. In return you usually get pushed into the ground.
On a blog I write that is the official blog for one of my books, The Butterfly Dragon, I cite a list of people I feel who've contributed something good to the symbolism of what is put forth by the book itself. There's some very successful people in all measures of success so the cult would just imply that I was stealing from them rather than making my own way. That is not the case because I wrote and released freely the first draft for The Butterfly Dragon without such a list and had it published for a long time here, on Poetry And Fiction before moving it to its own official blog at

An over-exposed image of my application programming environment.

The cult further were trying to paint me in such because of the culture of my love interest (who is an Oriental lady by the way) and to substitute me for someone else in here to prop them up, while having my family think that I'd fallen into drugs or some other manner of disarray in my life which again is not the case. I have don't use any drugs at all. I rarely drink. My biggest problem and obstacle then is this cult and their very illegal activity in terms of monitoring a person for their form of theft.

So after having been homeless for 8 years while this cult did the same thing, attempted to steal all of my accomplishments, when I finally got housing and managed to get a foot hold that might finally pay off for all my hard work, this cult uses it and my proximity to steal it all and destroy my repute.

So occasionally I get a bit short tempered (never abusive by the way) with their activity and that further serves their purposes I suppose but as long as I can plead my side of the story everything should be find. So there's a group of people in my building who steal what I accomplish to fuel their own lives while trying to disconnect me from my online identity so they can apply it to someone else.

All that in Regent Park, Toronto, I guess that's what they do to guys who were homeless for 8 years after they get housing and have written nearly 7 books (two of which are published on Amazon and the other 7 are to be released over the next five years), about fifteen useful software applications (two of which are currently published and one is for sale) and a whole host of original music compositions. By the way, no mental illness and no, I don't imagine this. Its real and I have witnesses in Toronto as well who've forwarded the information and even recordings and video of the cult's harassment in progress to the authorities as well. I've even reported it as well along with the illegal surveillance. So no, its not a case of me imagining anyone is out to get me. Its a cult that does this as a means to steal their identity from a victim while applying their identity to the victim. They are also racist in the sense that they are against my love interest being an Oriental lady and as you can clearly see, I'm Caucasian and I think that to this cult that is "no good" to put it how my love interest might say it.

There's no good reason for it. I am not a member of any criminal gang or outlaw organization. I completely support a free and democratic process, Government, taxes and the services we need to run society safely. That's not where my gripe is at all. Its a criminal gang that is doing the eavesdropping illegally (though there seems to be a benevolent side to it as well), not the Government.

Its civilians in other words and they're using it to steal from innocent persons. In my community I am a high priority victim of this very frequently. I am not a member of any anti-Government group or ideology so its not the Government, its civilians doing this, and they blame Government because usually the ones who blame Government are the ones who are guilty of doing it to other civilians. They're trying to hide the blame for what they're doing on the Government. I am not even a victim of mental health issues nor do I use narcotics of any kind. I don't even smoke.

I think if I expose it, there's always someone who will try and paint me as being crazy or seeing "black helicopters" and the "men in black" or even a Government conspiracy. I'm probably more a Jose Chung than anything though with a taste for a certain older Oriental lady (and she's a lady believe me!). The cult try to disconnect you from anything that you've been a fan of in the past by breaking away the characters one at a time as part of a social competition they conduct. If you expose it and their methodology, you're nuts. Its that simple. So their thieves and you're nuts. Regardless they're a civilian group that uses illegal eavesdropping technology to spy on your computer to steal from you and then covers it up by painting you as being on drugs or mentally ill when you expose it. I also support Gay rights and Gay marriage as well, something else the cult might be against despite the fact that I am heterosexual.

The cult make it a dualistic means of stealing what you accomplish to fuel their lives, while dumping their garbage onto you. When you have too much of their garbage, they use you as a weapon against others (ie trying to trick you into dumping the garbage that they put onto you onto other people who oppose them).

So for the cult its about taking from you without recognizing your name or your accomplishment. Most people who follow that way of doing that to other people have their name (and picture) on just about everything that they do. Some of whom have financial empires built upon their ideas and ways of doing things. If you truly believe that a person should not be recognized for their efforts and the application thereof, then perhaps the first thing one should do is remove their name and identity by throwing away their wallet, smart phone and anything that identifies you and links you to your accomplishments and assume a number as your name. I believe in sharing for certain because that's what I did with my efforts (even while they were being taken from me without my approval by illegal eavesdropping).

I also believe that there should be a reward for the efforts one makes and when those efforts prove to be prosperous to others, then that should find its way back as well. There's some kinds of exposure that have no price but because we live in an economy where people have to earn money to have a roof over their heads and to eat from day to day so they can have the means to produce whatever it is that contributes to that whole we have to put a price on our efforts. Anyone who disagrees with that then throw away your bank book and income derived from your work.

Its a part of life and it doesn't go away by making someone who speaks up for their beliefs and their efforts when they've been stolen from by making them out to be a "complainer" or "negative" or the hate side of a love hate paradigm or as having "bad blood" in a blood based paradigm. Just because I spoke out in my last post about people who smoke pot in public in proximity to small children and other toddlers during the early part of the day with no regard for their right not to be exposed to it.

A little waft of that in a small body would probably be a very harrowing experience for a little body like that. Keep in mind that this complaint is coming from an ex-smoker too, that is someone who gave it up years ago and I'm not dancing. So hate does not mean love and love does not mean hate by the way.

Even the members of my family and my friends some of whom are more liberal than I am are considerate to that degree and would never impose another person's space in that regard without respect for their rights as non-smokers.

As I put it yesterday, you wouldn't leave your medication lying around on a coffee table for a little four or five year old to find thinking they'd come upon a stash of candy. Why on Earth would marijuana, crack cocaine or any other narcotic be any different?

Keep in mind this is a cult who has chopped off my rights to even be social with Women (me the writer of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon who has a history of girlfriends most of whom would get monthly full body massages from myself and never, not once were abused by me at all). I've never been promiscuous or even cheated in a relationship and I've never once fathered my own child but I've bore the blame for others who have. And I have my rights cut off in that regard socially but they'd protect a crack cocaine dealer in my place to retain their right to procreate? I can still physically do so and am capable of creating a child, but this cult's activity is geared to isolating their victim so they can use you to fuel the life of someone else they're trying to get off the hook in that regard and by making you pay that price, it makes you appear intolerant. Not objective and protective. Intolerant. Oh and my love interest is someone I used to give weekly full body massages to and never once did I renag on that when we were together. I haven't been in a relationship for 5 years and 2 months and I'm not a casual sex kind of guy so I'm pretty safe. As I've said my love interest is an Oriental lady and that's that.

The cult basically use you as a means to power other people's lives but do nothing to return anything to you for your efforts. In other words you are kept secret to rot away while the cult steal from you secretly to fuel the lives of their members. That means illegal surveillance and eavesdropping to steal your efforts and the credit for them. They do little to nothing in return and when you get to market with the fruits of your labor, they do nothing from that point either. So all the interest you see in what you were working on is just nothing really because it was being credited to someone else's life as if it came from them. So as I said, they're thieves of what other people say and do. Nothing more and nothing less. I've never done any such thing to others and I am not a pirate by the way. Maybe I'll consider canning my books for the time being until I get relocated to a different living circumstance or until the Police or RCMP do something about it.

The cult further make it into competitions of transferring the bad of others between two people who unknowingly compete between them for the burden of that weight. If its something like say. SPOUSAL ABUSE, the cult might have the members of their gang stalk the person whom they are trying to transfer that burden to and try to get a reaction from them that makes them seem capable of such an act. With the members of this cult watching via their illegal eavesdropping or sharing the results via other stalkers, its sort of a gladiatorial game where the cult make people compete for the responsibility for deeds they did not commit. The teams try to make it look credible for each side of the competition by stalking and abusing them so that they can get a reaction that looks credible enough to make that seem plausible. That's how they clean themselves and their members off by the way.

If your beliefs have rules like not to judge others, then the cult make it a competition of trying to trick you into judging others just so that they can setup someone else to judge you. If your beliefs say not to burden others with that with which you would not want to be burdened yourself, then the cult try to trick you into doing so by filling you up themselves by their constant abuse. So this is a very nasty cult that both uses illegal eavesdropping and constant harassment to accomplish their goals. They might sell it as being beneficial, but it is anything but in all honesty. Its about destroying a victim's life by pitting them against various belief systems. As I said, if you report it to the authorities they'll attempt to make you appear mentally ill or on drugs or both by trading your identity with someone who is just that and playing on the negative stigma of either. By pitting you against someone who knows you, they're hoping to get you fighting using the worst that you know about each other. The cult do this especially to couples or former couples and again not for a reason of any good at all but because they build by contrast. That is they build someone else up to be good not by building that person themselves, but by stealing the good of someone else that they knock down. That's their form of masonry. So they don't even use their own bricks because they steal them from someone else's finely crafted house. So kind of like fake masonry that salvages from the lives of others whose lives they destroy for that purpose.

After the abuse I received for the whole day today from this cult, I still managed to release a new update to my application Shhhh! For Windows at 9:15 PM EST which I sell online for a very modest $3.00 CDN of which 25% goes to the Sick Kids Hospital. I actually used to buy a bag of toys and deliver them directly to the hospital while I was homeless by the way and did that every Christmas for five years in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

So that's what has been happening with my efforts and why some of my posts here and in person rants seem so long winded. You'd be the same way too if you'd been targeted like this.

But the above pictures put me with my computer and the editor I use to write the stories and software. I use a variety of programs for composition. It sounds like their effort to destroy my repute and ensure I sell nothing. No books. No software. Nothing. So in other words, this cult wants everyone to be a burden to tax payers and the Government rather than earning their own way. I believe is a social safety net but I don't believe in a social safety net that imprisons those who are trying to become independent of it to earn their way honestly in society. Don't get me wrong, I love my home city but I can't appreciate that such activity would be allowed to happen at all.

Brian Joseph Johns
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