Thursday, August 6, 2015

Books and software available online. I'm officially in business.

Some of my books have been made available online through Amazon and I have software available from Shhhh! Digital as well.

The first books available are as follows:

A Lady's Prerogative I: The Full Edition is available for purchase from through my Tales Of The Sanctum blog, the official blog of A Lady's Prerogative.

Shhhh! For Windows an account password manager with its own scripting language is available from the Shhhh! Digital site. I wrote the software and have been using it since version and have over 150 accounts in mine. Each account and password stored in it is fully compressed and encrypted so your data is safe and can be instantly recalled via a user definable hotkey combination. You can either have it type your password or a user definable text macro with variables for you, copy it to the clipboard or both. It comes with an easy to use custom built-in help system including a searchable command set for the script engine.

25% of the return on any products or books sold are donated to charity either related to the storyline of the book or in the case of Shhhh! For Windows, to the Sick Kids Hospital.

The blogs I've mentioned above are official and run by myself as the author as well, including the software package above (which I designed and coded for my company: Shhhh! Digital).

During the process of building this in the last five years (the books were actually ideas from my early teenage years), I've received a lot of flack and even theft attempts by some organized criminal elements operating in my neck of the woods who literally can spy illegally on others' computers and share such information for the purposes of theft, and often do so in attempt to steal creative properties like these from those who create them. Much of the grief you may have seen posted here is a direct result of the actions of such an abusive group locally.

There is a local group who make it a game of dumping the responsibility for their actions onto you while stealing the credit for your good, so that when you go into legal business, their "cult" take what they dumped onto you and make it a burden for your customers. That way your business is sure not to sell any products and the cult have a person that they can use as a garbage bag for their activities. So that's how this cult has been attacking business and the efforts of others' getting onto their feet or even succeeding. They need to be formally investigated by the law as the cult locally steal from their victim while destroying their chances for prosperity altogether.

Just to assure my potential customers, this is not a scam. These items are all registered for sale under local and International tax laws. The items for sale are registered under the local Government as well. The charitable donations are logged, tracked and made available for public scrutiny on each of the sites and are/will be updated regularly with details about any such transactions.

Brian Joseph Johns
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