Monday, July 6, 2015

Before Anyone Has To Dance On The Issue Of Racism About My Articles...

Just in case anyone happens to imply that my articles are in any way racist or that I am of that nature, here's some information for you.

First of all, some of the earlier readers of this blog might remember that I had a story on here entitled: The Answer Is In The Keys. It was a story about a war time business owner in New Orleans who sells his family business and buys a night club smack dab in the middle of the New Orleans strip near the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. The character was actually written as an African American. The night club starts out with a thud and he fears that he'll lose his business until one night a mysterious and beautiful lady shows up. She commandeers a drunkard from the audience who turns out to be a washed up jazz and blues all star. They start showing up and performing and the night club starts to fill. All of this to the background of war time New Orleans in the late 1930s. I've been there before (when I was a kid my parents took us). It was a sort of tribute to the jazz crooner Ella Fitzgerald and another fellow Canadian Oscar Peterson. There's also the fact that I am a pianist and keyboardist as well with a lot of other influences. I kind of pictured the lady singer like Rhianna or Nora Jones (both visually and vocally). Zoey Deschannel too (she's got an awesome voice). I stopped writing it on the basis of harassment I was receiving from some people locally in the area and ended up canning it.

In 2001, I actually helped an Iranian lady to get away from a relationship where she was subject to abuse (she'd show up to work at her donut shop with a black eye nearly every time I'd see her). She ended up fleeing to another country I believe with a bit of help from the authorities. I ended up being stalked by her husbands friends for a long time for meddling. Apparently he had some powerful contacts. From what I understand she's living a full and happy life to this day. I still get trouble and revenge attempts related to that situation even to this day. Likely but not certainly the majority of my troubles.

My last girlfriend from five years ago is Korean, a beautiful Woman and a great relationship as well. I was very fortunate to have had such a relationship with her. She ended up getting stalked a great deal as a result of her mixed culture relationship with me. An issue I'd never experienced until recently.

Before that, I was in a very serious relationship with a beautiful Chinese Classical Music and Ballet dancer. She is still a very strong influence on my life and being as well and I don't think a day goes by I haven't thought about her. Certainly a beautiful Woman.

I am single now and have been so for five years living a pretty solitary life though my current love interest is also an Oriental lady.

Lastly, my story A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth, one of my favourites for its scope and some of the issues it tackles. It involves a multicultural cast and crosses into the folklore of many different worldly origins. That is a finished recently book (first draft).

The Butterfly Dragon as well, is a story that represents the lives of two Women, the daughter of a Chinese immigrant who befriends an intelligent girl at school and helps her to overcome her confidence issues. The girl she helps goes on to discover a formula that has the potential to cure many degenerative diseases. They end up reuniting to change the world as superheroes, attempting to recover the formula when it is stolen by a corrupted investor. That is a finished work (first draft).

So if you're being forced to "dance" because you read my stuff, keep that in mind.

In my last article I talked about how a contrast is needed to make extremes. There are people in this world who knowingly plan to make someone look worse by abusing them for long periods or victimizing them, knowing that when they break down and react it will serve to make someone else look that much better than them. In other words making someone the bad side so that someone else can look like they are really good. Extremes are also easier to swap. You can't swap the moods, behavior and reputation of someone who is balanced because it has no extremes. So consider anything whereby you might be forced to "dance" on the basis of what you watch, read, listen to, play, talk about or experience as an attack on your being. You're free to do all of those things and shouldn't have anyone teeter you back and forth alone or as a group hoping to tip you over to one of the extremes hoping that you`ll react enough so they can charge you a debt for your reaction. The people who do that are thieves and the only debt they're creating is theirs. They won't get away with it for much longer...

Keep in mind also that as I said in the last post, there's people right now who observe other people's communications illegally (criminal gangs too) who use this observation to steal what they say and do. That's not being paranoid. That's just a warning.

Brian Joseph Johns
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