Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thanks Phone Company!

I'd just like to say thanks to my mobile provider. I just got the new number set up so now I'm verified account holder for all of my content. All the blogs and my youtube  content as well. Thank you to the divine Miss M, who handled the account setup professionally and politely.

Also, I just wanted to say to my friends in Boulder that I got your call and just in a Nick of time too. Maybe its a sign? So I think that I'll just sit back, relax and bomb a dill pickle down my gullet. I might feel a bit better if I do though that's not dodging my support of the rights of those who've fled to the Haven. That's what the Sanctum is about but its time to make way for WestmeeteasT.

I think that the neighbours are knee deep in Fallout New Vegas from the sounds of things and I'm going to stay away from there, so if you're in my loop, I'd say watch out for some refuse that is not mine. You wouldn't want to end up a trashcan, man or m'aam.

Besides, I don't have a guitar and if I did, I'd probably have a more difficult time playing it than a piano though I hope Beethoven doesn't roll over. I guess I can't get any more cryptic than that. Non-cryptic? My love interest is Mandarin Chinese.

So I'm watching out for those of you who I picked as the source design for the characters of those stories because I don't want you to end up with anything bad at all.

Have a great evening and I hope its an even better day tomorrow.

Brian Joseph Johns
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