Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Proof that I'm Brian Joseph Johns...

Someone just called my home phone number (land line) and the number listed was my own phone number.

I have two numbers, one for the cellular and one land line. Someone just called my land line and the call display displayed my own phone number.  In other words the person calling was calling from my own phone number which is impossible.

More proof that this cult are trying to swap my identity with that of someone else, and more reason that I will contact the Federal Authorities about this in person though this time.

The cult want others to believe that what comes from my computer is coming from another apartment in the building (200 Sherbourne Street I live in apartment 701 which is where my home phone number is registered to with Bell: 416-203-0928) or another residence across the city. As I've said, this cult has been trying to steal my identity for a long time. There's an illegal eavesdropping technology that is being used by a criminal gang inside of the building that I've reported a number of times to the Federal Police. This by the way is coming from someone who is not mentally ill and who is not a drug user.

I'm 6'0" tall. About 165 lbs. Dark hair like in the picture and 47 years of age. Let's just say that I have "hazel" eyes.

Here's some proof that I am who I say I am... A video so you can match my voice up with the image of me... Do I really sound like that?

Here's a document mailed to me from the Toronto Government...

Now one from the Ontario government... Ontario is the province where I was born. Contrary to popular belief, I am not from Nova Scotia. Maybe the identity of someone I'm being swapped with?

One from Canadian Government... The people to whom I file my taxes every year. The same people that organize the vote that determines our next elected leader. I also vote. Did I mention that my parents taught me about filing taxes from the time I was 14. At the same time I got my first official job scooping ice cream.

One from a charitable organization I support...

Now my location in Google Maps... From my address of course in Toronto

A bit further out so you can see Lake Ontario

And even further out so you can see the Canada and the United States...

How about the lower left corner of my first computer (I have two running 24/7 crunching numbers for Math/Science/Disease Control/Cancer research). The desktop on the computer I use...

I'm usually working on Delphi stuff like this...

Or writing my books on blogger. You might know this one...

Now this is from my second computer, the one that crunches number for Boinc projects and World Community Grid pretty much 24/7. I often change the wall paper.

Now here's the image of the incoming call that whose caller id showed up as my phone number... But that would be impossible because I was right here in my home address to see that call... 
And I most certainly didn't call myself... despite the fact that I could use the company...

Oh, and here's proof of my residence at Heyworth House... Which was required to vote at the time... Another thing that I had to fight for the right to be able to do. My effort in that regard actually made it easier for those without a full time residence to vote. A very important right I'd say.

Here's part of my daytimer from Animation Group Ltd. and FFP Ltd. from 2003

And another image from the same daytimer...

Can't do much more to prove it than that but that's enough for certain.

Oh and I'm circumcised but I can't show you that and don't really want to.

As I've said, there are several criminal gangs in the area that I live that seem to be using illegal eavesdropping locally to steal what I accomplish on my computer.

That includes attempting to steal the credit and identity of being the writer of:

Poetry, Fiction, Software, Graphics, Music, Ideas (Author, Columnist And Composer)
The Butterfly Dragon Official Blog (Author)
Tales Of The Sanctum: A Lady's Prerogative Official Blog (Author)
The Field, The Butterflies And The Dragon (Author)
Stories Before The End: The End Of The World Club Official Blog (Author)
Welcome To The Pleroma: The Archive Official Blog (Author)
Shhhh! Digital Software (Developer)
Delphi Tidbits (Columnist)
Risque Factor (Commentary Blog - Adult Topics) (Author)
and more recently Once Written, Once Read

Those are all the blogs and columns that I write. I have no staff. Its an effort I make by myself.

Around here the criminal gangs and a cult seem to steal your identity from you and use it for themselves. That means swapping your identity with someone else and making it a game of competing for the best one despite who you really are. The same gang use illegal eavesdropping to accomplish these goals locally. That means that I could end up with the identity and repute of someone who sells crack cocaine on the other side of the city while they become a writer and coder. Then the cult close to you abuse you profusely for the actions of that person. They believe that it links the two of you except that they often do this with more than one person. The eavesdropping technology is used so that they know roughly when you've worked on or completed something that's worth stealing for their own. The cult and criminal gangs actually believe in some cases that they are "controlling" their victim into doing those things and use that as a justification to steal them from their victim. I also think that they do this in groups so that they can make their victim the hate side while keeping their gang members or those you are being swapped with as the love side. This is because they believe that a person's good flows from negative to positive while a person's bad flows from positive to negative. So if they abuse a productive person constantly, that person cannot hang onto their own efforts if they succumb to negativity as a result of the constant abuse. They are very centric about "pure" blood by the way which I presume means being of "one" culture. I am not an overtly blood centric person at all.

Sometimes they do so by swapping the identities of people on the other side of the city. This is the group that has been responsible for the stalking in my community and the constant abuse. Much of this occurs because my love interest is Oriental. My love interest is not nicknamed Karma (or Jafarma?). She's a beautiful lady for sure but maybe not a possibility (anymore). Still I have to stick by what I believe. I don't lie either.

Hence why I am not blood centric as that would prevent me from being able to share my good with the cultural group of my love interest. Something that you want to do when you are in a relationship, courting or trying to spark her interest.

So rather than me sharing anything good with my love interest, the cult locally have been stealing that by swapping their identity and mine. So they get the credit for whatever good I do, while I end up abused for their bad and believe me, its bad. Its around the clock as conducted by this cult.

The truth is that I live alone. I am single. I have no children and have never fathered any. Ever.

I don't pirate movies, music, software or books or anything for that matter. I pseudo work in that industry. Why would I want to steal from others in that manner? I know how much work you put into just one creation.

I am not an abuser. Nor do I sell, use or buy narcotics whatsoever. I don't even smoke. I drink occasionally (about twice a month) but its not a priority. I am not a cheater or Womanizer either nor do I hire anyone for sexual favours. I don't sleep around and am and always have been monogamous. I haven't had a relationship of a sexual nature for more than 5 years. That means of any kind at all.

The cult and criminal gangs that are doing the identity theft and abuse, purposely try to break a person away from allegiances by making them carry the burden of other forcibly and then as different teams, abuse that person continuously for those burdens. I don't mean occasionally. I mean all of the time and taken part in by everyone. The burden associated with doing so is absolutely incredible and beyond what most people could be capable of comprehending. You'd have to be subject to this for years to understand. This is the same group that makes it into a competition distributing a person's good by the concept of negativity and positivity. The good of a person flows from negative to positive and the bad of a person flows from positive to negative. The cult use this to their advantage, in some areas getting large numbers of people to pick on one person in a timed manner, so that the victim's reaction puts them on the negative side, and they end up with all of the garbage of the people who've abused them, (as by that time they've usually switched sides to behave less abusively and more positively). The cult also do this, and then after the victim reacts, attempt to charge the price of a debt against the victim for their reaction, never acknowledging the fact that they abused the victim in the first place. To the cult its their way of making a garbage bag out of a victim and then charging them a price for it! The ultimate degradation of a human being. That aspect is very real. They actually make plans to divide up their victim's efforts amongst them too. Not very good at all and that's how they use the eavesdropping technology close to the victim. To spy on their computer in order to know what there is to steal from them in this competition. This is not something that is conducted by everyone. Its usually a group of small groups around the victim trying to impersonate different ideologies as a means to trick the victim into breaking away from them and to make the victim seem intolerant to those that support them or their cause. Usually this means rocking them back and forth between two extremes to achieve this goal. The cult then steal the deeds of the victim and credit them to the members of their cult.

Recently on a chapter of The Butterfly Dragon II: Dragon Butterfly, they've been trying to do this with the latest chapter, The Meeting. During a meeting between the main characters of the story about an upcoming event in their city, they come up with the idea to include city workers in one of their events. The cult locally interpreted this as either me being "controlled" by someone else and tried to steal it for that person's credit. I am dead serious. This is the daily game for the cult locally and they are nothing but the thieves of other people's deeds. The cult have been doing this to me for years (from about 1990 trying to trade my good in a series of dualistic competitions). The cult do this with many people, having two compete and then crediting one with the good while burdening the other with the bad. The cult make it a targeted effort of stealing from one person this way and emptying them onto someone else. That means they even try to steal your past and history for their members. They are the scummiest of the scum as far as I'm concerned.

The cult and gang organize themselves around people who support and believe in an organized society with laws, and those who don't. The cult then attack their victim trying to draw them onto the side the doesn't by way of reaction (the cult doing this actually believe themselves to be a manifestation of the religious idea of "hell" and actually use the colour brown to represent that idea). Most of the people involved in this activity are in support of things that they'd rather make others carry the burden of to the extreme and really make those burdens heavy. They literally as a group subject their victim to this constant abuse in place of their members for their bad deeds. They use this as a method to "disconnect" or break their victim away from other competing ideologies by subjecting their victim to this constant abuse for those they want to "disconnect". The motive for doing so usually is so they can claim the victim as their exclusive source (remember they steal the credit for victim's deeds and identity) while making the victim into their exclusive "bag". Where I live this is a constant effort by the cult and gang that does that and that means having no peace while I write, while I write software or compose music. The cult often wants to steal the impression of doing those things anyway, so slowing me down would go a long way towards making me look incapable of doing them. I am almost certain that this cult planned this for certain, though there is no good reason for doing so. The cult also believes that I am under someone else's control, which makes things that much more difficult (having people believe that you are not yourself). The cult and criminal gang believe that if they can get a hateful reaction from you, that they have possessed you with their essence. Many of the people who do this actually do so in protection of crack cocaine and are looking for a place to "file it" away from themselves making their victim carry the brunt of the social abuse the cult gives for it. As I've said, the cult use it to disconnect their victim from others based upon different possible affiliations. So if they want to disconnect you from anything that protects you as a victim, they'll pick someone from that group association that has a burden that they make you carry the weight for, making it extremely heavy (meaning harassing you around the clock day and night for it despite the fact that you have nothing to do with it) until you break it away yourself. Then they move on to the next association or affiliation you have that they want to disconnect. I don't think its Scientology, as this is conducted by neighbours who are more tied up with the crack cocaine and underground economy more than anything. Its connected to something else for certain but probably trying to make it look like the Scientology method of disconnection.

The goal is based upon the idea that two people are linked, and help each other carry their burden while sharing in their good. So this cult has devised a method of finding these connections between people and on each side, attempt to set up situations that they can use to burden the people on either end to break that connection. They do this by setting up the situations with the people on either end of the connection (two people linked to one another by the burden they carry for each other) and on each end they attack the two people trying to break them away from each other by making those setups a huge burden for each of them (often by verbal stalking and abuse). Many people attribute this to ideologies like Scientology (and others) but in fact, its the people trying to break down and discredit them quite often. The cult prey upon the naive and their set ups take advantage of that. By the time most people figure it out, its usually too late, the cult have thoroughly damaged their victim's life by that point. Around here, this whole aspect has been completely unruly in that regard since the beginning of the millennium. I think the cult has been hunting down such connections, especially if they are between someone rich or famous and someone that they have easy access to. The cult as well create their own links and use them to siphon from their victim their efforts for the credit of their other members. So they are definitely a kind of thief that there is no name for. The kind that steals a person's words and deeds for their own credit and benefit (and that does not refer to any performing arts by the way).

They're whole goal seems to be based around tricking you into contradicting earlier statements you made so they can claim they are or were controlling you, and steal those accomplishments from you and credit them to someone else (often a member of their gang or cult). They actually make that into a competition, going right back into your past in order to accomplish that for their current members that knew you at that time.

I have a feeling that there might be a few more similar victims of this kind of thing as well where a collective conspires to steal another person's identity and repute while unloading theirs onto someone else upon which a group of people abuse you for that identity while they benefit from your good actions.

I am not a member of any criminal gang or cult that would conduct such abuse.

Brian Joseph Johns

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is http://poetryandfiction.blogspot.ca.

Hate is not love and love is not hate.
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