Saturday, May 2, 2015

Its What You Do With What You Could Do

Yet once again, another night of abuse by the local cult within the building that I live. This is part of a cult that believe they can control other people via their biomagnetism (which they call blood). The whole thing is an illusion that they convince other people of. The truth of their illusion is that the cult members have practiced ramping up production of cortisol and adrenaline in their own bodies, and then are able to stimulate production of those hormones in the bodies of their victims and get a reaction from them. The cult believes that this constitutes control over their victim. They often apply it to or from membership of Prince Hall (though not all schools of the ideology constitute using control or abuse such as that such as the India brand of Prince Hall, where it was originated). More so it is probably related to those who choose to represent it responsibly rather than weaponizing it to do harm or steal from others their accomplishments. I have a feeling that this activity is more of an attack on our icons than it is anything.

The cult locally use abusive biomagnetism as a form of control and manipulation not just of their victim, but of those they convince that they have some kind of control over their victim. The only aspect of their victim's life they can affect is how pronounced their reaction is to the systematic abuse conducted by the cult.

The cult make it a game of trying to determine who has "control" or more "influence" over their victim by such means, but those means do not distinguish between the fact that the effects upon two completely different victims should be exactly the same, as should be their response. The truth is that for the cult and its victims this does not happen at all. Often when the cult get a reaction from me, I focus my reaction in a direction for good, ie something that is really a travesty so that the reaction doesn't cause undue harm to others or myself (to my repute).

The cult use it precisely as that sort of thing and convince others their victim is more under their influence than others they've known longer. There's a lot more to it than this, and I shall make that information available as time goes on.

Much of what the cult does in this way is geared towards causing their victims to react, especially in remembering the prior ways the cult affected their victim`s lives negatively. The cult often plays this as a means to get a hateful reaction from their victim so they can make it a game of convincing others that hate means love and love means hate (usually a definition for the colour blue).

What this cult do in this sense is exactly what they did to Rob Ford by the way (whom did not deserve such abuse). They do similar to myself except that I've never used crack cocaine in my life and I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I don`t ever smoke. So the cult use this sort of thing to convince others they are controlling me into writing the stories that I write as they are thieves of what other people say and do. Nothing more. That is the prime reason for their illegal use of eavesdropping technology against the victim, an important aspect of this illusion and their theft game.

Often the cult that do this are purists in terms of "blood", meaning that they believe that those who have more than one heritage are lesser than others and that they must pay for the blood of those who are "pure" or "true". The cult actually use this abusive biomagnetism as a conversion method to this way of thinking by affecting their victims negatively, then having someone whom they deemed is of a pure culture "cure" their victim of the anxiety resulting from the abusive biomagnetism the cult has applied to the body of their victim. The way it all works is that the cult have learned to stimulate the production of cortisol and adrenaline in the body of their victims and therefore make them much more prone to reaction or anxiety attacks. The cult also have a group of these "pure" people that have learned to use a healing form of biomagnetism that stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin in the body of their victims. Those hormones nullify the effects of cortisol and adrenaline and relieve stress and anxiety and the cult lay claim to this as proof of the purity or trueness of the blood of these people. If the victims do not conform to this idea, they are subject to the abusive biomagnetism until they are convinced to accept this idea and the accompanying religion that is founded on it. If you stand against it, you are sold as a racist. Really it is nothing more than a scam to idolize a specific group of cultures as gods and to subvert another group of people as being of lesser stock. Especially those who have more than one heritage to their lineage. The cult actually make such people pay for their blood by giving up their good efforts, or by making them carry the burden of their bad ones.

The cult actually believe that people of too many cultures or heritages should be limited in their procreation and in order to set up such situations to limit that possibility, they stoop to some pretty meagre levels to do so. Constant harassment is one way they achieve this so far that I've seen. The cult around me often do so after I've produced a few chapters or worked on something they can attempt to steal the credit for, making it the ante in one of their games as such.

My revelation of this does not stand in the way of the idea of a good lineage or heritage or being proud of one's ancestry. The cult confuses the term blood paid to mean a price they can charge others for their superior heritage. The term blood paid means that in terms of the laying claim to your heritage in terms of the accomplishments of your ancestry, "earn it". So let your efforts and accomplishments how ever meagre be an example of that rather than riding the coat tails of those who've already earned the same of their ancestry. There is credence to the saying: we're standing on the shoulders of giants. So "blood paid" doesn't give one the right to charge a price for theirs, whether by stealing someone else's efforts to pay for it or making someone else carry the weight of your social burden for you. It means that if you honored your family and friends and peers by your words and/or actions that represents and recognizes their accomplishments and adds to them, then you've "earned it".

The people that are truly god-like are people who realize that its not just what you do that makes you good. Its what you do and don't do with what you could do and know you could do despite how you've been treated. One who has the ability to do great good by way of their talents in biology or medicine also has the ability to do great harm in producing poison. A great chemist can design pharmacological agents that might help treat or cure a person of a disease, or they might use that ability to manufacture a home made bomb to destroy the lives of innocent civilians.

People who learn how to use biomagnetism (called Qi, Chi and Prana in some cultures) could use it to convince others of their superiority (as mentioned in the scam above) as its effects would almost seem like magic, so that others bow down to them as false idols, or they could use it to diagnose people and in some cases cure illness (as is the case in India, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan as for those cultures it has been the foundation to their forms of Eastern medicine for nearly 6000 years). Never once in my experiences has any of them tried to convince me of their stature or status as a god or to be revered by their ability to use Prana, Qi or Chi to stimulate the production of healthy hormones. Moreso, those cultures hold such abilities in high esteem and utilize them as part of what we'd regard as the Hypocratic Oath in regard to using such abilities to do no harm. I've been in a serious relationship with at least two persons whose heritage is tied to those methods of healing and whose families are very much a part of that means of doing so. I've never once experienced any sort of abusive behavior from that community or their cultures or either of them insofar as I've experienced compassion from them.

I am most fortunate to have the memories of the ones that I love in such relationships because if I didn't, I'd truly have nothing at all and be completely alone. As long as I have my memories of my time with them (and with her), I'll never be without. That is what keeps me going. The hope that the same thing might happen again in the future and until that time and whether or not, I've got the memories of having experienced great love to keep me company. I've gone five years without affection, physical or otherwise or sexuality with a partner of any kind as I'd not cheapen it to share it with anyone less than I intend to be committed to entirely and rightfully expect the same. That's where Ai Yuanlin Ying (Heylyn Yates, of The Butterfly Dragon) and myself are as one.

Its not just what you do that makes you good (or even god-like or a super hero). Its what you do and don't do with what you could do and know you could do despite how you've been treated.

I was abused by the local cult that does what I mentioned above near the top for the last few days (including all night last night), and today I had a bit more time to clear myself before I wrote a post so naturally its going to be a bit less frantic and manic.

The cult also believes that they can control or influence who they fill up with their hate and verbal spew. So often just after I post something or any time for that matter, they as a group (especially those into crack cocaine) verbally try to fill me with as much of their nonsense as possible. They believe that by doing so that they actually have control or influence over their victim (because to them hate and this verbal nonsense means blood and blood is what contains all of their bad deeds). So it really is a cult. They often go in groups around the clock with such effort.

As I've said, they believe that what someone else says or does is the result of this influence but I beg to differ. For the 30 years prior to ten years ago in this area, there were a large group of women that used to sell themselves sexually for pocket change so they could buy crack cocaine. I wasn't living here at that time in this area and didn't move here until about ten years ago. During that time most of the people involved in the harassment now were living here during that period of time and yet they claim their blood and influence results in the good of others around them. Yet for all that time, they let a group of women sell themselves sexually for pocket change to fund an addiction to crack cocaine.

The cult measure their influence by what you favour. I've always held my loyalty to the cultures of the Far East and have since falling for a lady from that part of the world, held my ground in this stance against the negative influence of this cult. The cult have no positive influence at all and are just a group of malevolent and abusive miscreants unfortunately. Their affect on others is usually related to tricking another person's body into producing cortisol and adrenaline and getting an anxiety attack from them. Not a legacy to be proud of and certain not a means to pay for the accomplishments of one's ancestry as I'm sure they'd be rolling in their graves at such nonsense.

One other aspect to how their cult operates is to attempt to steal whatever it is I do on the computer, or create the misconception that what I am doing is coming from someone else in a different apartment in the building that I live. So in other words, what I do goes to someone else's credit (usually to pay for their blood) and what they do I get the blame for (again to pay for their blood) despite me not being a part of any such religion or ideology in the first place.

Again, much of this is also related to the fact that this cult wants to hide the fact that my love interest is an Oriental lady while I am a Caucasian male.

The people in the building that are part of this ruse literally freak out when I turn my web camera on and point it at my screen (hence indicating which computer is mine by the look of its desktop). Many of the people involved are trying to dump their activities (especially those related to crack cocaine or their sexual partners) while I don't use any narcotics whatsoever and definitely am monogamous when it comes to my sexuality. I have to have a relationship or the intent thereof before I'll sleep with a partner. So for this cult it appears to be about painting the impression that I hang out with the local crack cocaine users (which I don't but if you can quit such a habit and move on, then good for you). They also seem to want to give the impression that I am in a relationship with a specific member of their cult (which I am not). My love interest is Oriental and I'll stand by that right through to the end and fight to the death for that right and my right to feel that way. As I've said, it is a very blood centric cult who likely read what I posted above and took it to mean "hate means love and love means hate", the same way they hide every such exposure. Unfortunately there are a group who can read what is on my screen in realtime right from inside the building (their cult definitely has money and resources). Likewise, outside the building probably outside of the ISP level, there are other eavesdroppers as well who are more likely benevolent as opposed to the internal ones. The internal ones know of the existence of these benevolent people and are trying to trick them into thinking that they are responsible for my efforts, while internally they dump their bad deeds upon me (and often torment me for them afterwards too).

So they are against others finding out what I look like when I say that my love interest is an Oriental lady. They usually try to hide it on someone nicknamed Karma, who is tied up in their religion/ideology that is not my love interest but that this cult use as a garbage bag and a transfer point for the good and bad of those they steal from. Karma is actually a member of the transgender community and as such gets used in that way by this cult, who often subvert such people to that kind of a task. They refer to members of that community quite often as "garbage bags". That person is not my love interest at all (my love interest is physically and emotionally a woman) and that person is definitely not a garbage bag to me at all. Nobody should be used that way regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.

So my love interest is an Oriental lady and this being Canada, I suspect that according to the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, which relatives of mine and myself have fought to protect at risk to ourselves, states that I and my future spouse should be free from mistreatment or abuse on the basis of my sex, religion or culture and the same applies to my love interest and to any other Canadian citizen and those applying for residency. Likewise, nobody is controlling me at all. That would be like saying that someone is controlling you if they drop a cinder block on your toe to make you "dance". Abusive biomagnetism is like the rubber mallet that Doctors use to test your reflexes. Does that mean a Doctor is controlling your consciousness by tapping your knee to yield a reflex? This cult uses the implication of control (especially in relation to what they feel is superior blood) to justify stealing from other people their accomplishments or making them carry their burdens.

So when I go on my web camera locally, usually this cult are up in arms about it because it prevents them from taking what I do because it associates to any eavesdroppers who can see in near realtime the image of my desktop (a reality of modern eavesdropping which often employs Van Eck phreaking and other means of visual interceptions of desktop imagery). The cult want others to think that I am operating a different computer and possibly are swapping my identity with that of a sex offender, paedophile or even a spousal abuser to steal my activities in helping to get at least two women help in similar situations. Likewise, the same group are likely using such a swapping of identities in order to retain the support of the community to do this illegal eavesdropping which seems more to be connected with a religious tribunal system of which I am not a member because I am not a member of any religious community with such rights and am not a member of any such religion such as Baha'i, Islam or any other religion that has adopted the tribunal system of social punishment. Not to mention that but I also have done nothing that deserves such scrutiny.

Hate is not love and love is not hate.

Brian Joseph Johns
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