Monday, April 13, 2015

The Tiger's Cage, My Experiences As A Short Story...

A lot more abuse from this cult which got a few reactions from me against the neighbours doing the harassment. My reactions were mostly about describing the way this cult is destroying my life from within the building via their substitution and harassment. That means they treat you like you are someone else and torment you for whatever they're responsible for. They do this around the clock in an attempt to make you the hate side of things, so they can steal whatever good you do (because if they can get a bad enough reaction from their victim, who would believe they could do anything good). The cult also define the colour blue as meaning "hate means love and love means hate" because in love/hate ideology you share your good with whom you love and your bad with whom you hate (or react angrily against).

This is the definition of a "gun" or an ammunition container for "slaps" in some instances of the ideology. Ie if you are filled with a lot of other people's social burden and "bad deeds", then you are a potent weapon in this ideology because if you disagree with someone's actions or behaviour and you deal with them firmly (and with assertiveness and even a bit of anger), they will get a portion of whatever burden you were piled with and they will be tormented for it by the other cult members that practice this. A "slap" is another way this occurs in which someone "slaps" their hands against a person (usually visualizing them) and they get a portion of that person's burden as a sort of punishment.

So there are many people who make this into a sort of competitive game socially. The game is played by redefining the definition or context of statements to their opposites, and getting enough people to go along with that reversal of context by tricking the person with the most social burden into attacking as many other groups of people as possible. In reversing the definitions of statements, that switches the rules by which your good and bad is distributed to others accordingly (the ones you are angry towards get your good and the ones you are loving towards get your bad). This is the nature of this game locally as it is played socially.

There is more.

The cult take a time when two or more people were in close proximity to one another via circumstances and make it a competitively dualistic game over their combined accomplishments and bad deeds. The winner obviously gets the good and the loser gets the bad. The whole game is played by a series of situations and set ups that measure the aptitude and ability of the people involved in relation to those accomplishments, and the witnesses there are from that time and place to confirm either the good or the bad of a person. The game is played as two or more teams who help one of the competitors (or if the team so plays it that way, tries to sabotage the other competitor) in order to decide the outcome of this game. So the two people could literally become swapped in histories or past according to the way this game is played (which is roughly based upon the rules of some religions and ideologies). So someone can literally lose everything to the cult that practices this ideology and game socially. Such groups that steal from a person in this way will literally use that injustice to rile their victim up into anger in later games as well, by reminding them of the times they had tricked them out of their good in prior such games. Often the games are played by playing public opinion in one direction or another in the favour or against the favour of the victim and use a variety of means of communication (such as colours) to accomplish the goals of taking the best competitor's past by tricking the public into believing that they are deserving of that injustice and the other person is more deserving of their good despite the truth of the matter.

So the game often involves groups that act against one of the people and whom watch a victim they've subject to this via illegal eavesdropping technology in order to do so by implying the victim's membership to a club that allows it to happen despite what the laws are locally. The groups locally involved use it as a means to watch when such a victim has more available to steal from them (by watching their accomplishments especially those related to computers and technology which can be spied upon by the cult quite easily). When they spy something they can compete over by such a competition, they start setting up the means to steal it from the victim and pit them against a competitor whom others might believe is capable of doing the same thing and then instigate the competition between them. Often the competitors will represent a team or archetype that the cult can use to divide people and foster support for one or the other based upon the team affiliation or archetype represented by the competitor (who is usually tricked into it as a means to steal their accomplishments and make it look like they came from the other person).

The other aspects to the game are playing it in such a way that the one who is really responsible for the deeds they are playing over appears to be the worst person and the least deserving of the win. So the teams subject that person to a lot of torment and harassment in order to make their behaviour seem the worst and in my personal experience, they'll remind the victim how many times they wronged the victim and stole from them that way in order to maximize the reaction and negative impact upon their behaviour. That way people will more easily decide against them. Especially if they can trick the victim into reacting with hostility against as many other groups as possible by tormenting them. Breaking their faith by taking everything away from them is the main way the cult achieve this most often in my experience and then mistreating them indefinitely with many people who take part in such an effort. The more people they pit the victim against, the more people that later will agree to reverse the definition of love and hate so that the victims reactions have less bad effect than they do good effects.

The cult also use colours to force their victim in the direction they want. Usually the colours are based upon the colours of the victim`s eyes, what they wear or what they interact with where they are. That is another reason that the cult keep the victim under illegal eavesdropping, so that they know what colours are in the vicinity of the victim at all times (even the colours of the software on their computer desktop or the logos of the manufacturer that make their computer). The cult use all of this to manipulate their victim in their direction. As I`ve said, the cult often use this to manifest racism by forcing me away from the cultural group of my love interest and in the direction of a culture that sides with the cult that conducts most of the harassment (though not everyone is involved and most actually are embarrassed by the behaviour of the few against the victim). My love interest as I`ve said is Mandarin Chinese, and I have a strong affinity for the cultures of the Far East (as can be seen in my story the Butterfly Dragon whose main character is the daughter of a Chinese immigrant to Canada). So the cult often attempt to force me away from her culture and over to their based upon ideology and racism we are two different cultures (she`s Mandarin Chinese and I`m a Caucasian male). The cult even try to swap my identity with as many others as they can to keep what they are doing hidden. So I often have to clarify by giving details about myself (like I have no tattoos, I have green eyes, I'm 6'0" tall, I'm approx 170 lbs, I have dark hair medium short, I am a piano keyboard player, I write software, I compose music, I write books).

The cult locally want others to believe the person that writes this blog and is the victim of all of this is a local person who supports crack cocaine and is involved with some of the other activities around here that I don't take part in or support. All of this in order to be able to trade my identity with someone else (possibly wealthy). The culture of my love interest seems to be the biggest hurdle to this effort and most likely the cult want to transfer whatever injustices to which I've been subject to someone else, or imply that I am just behaving like I've been injusticed because I am linked to someone else who really has. That is how the cult hide such things as they do to their victims locally. They imply that the victim is imagining it or remembering it from someone else's experiences, so they can continue this effort to steal from me via this manner of doing so.

So the people they attempt to swap my identity with or "link" me to (according to Gnostic ideology) via association and biomagnetism, are people they want to credit with what I do, and then convince other people that it came from those people. So one time they might link me with an author. Another time a musician. Another time a programmer, all to match what my activities were for the day. The one who "wins" in such a link gets the best, and the cult want others to believe I benefit from this when in fact I don't. Whenever such a link is attempted before one of the cult's competitions, the neighbours begin their harassment and tormenting and attempt to get the worst behaviour and reaction from me because they believe the best will go to the happiest and nicest person, and the worst will go to the most negative and hateful person.

The cult form these links regularly and it forms their basis for the ideology of blood (which distributes a person's good and bad according to religion or cultural association). The cult in this case are racist against my love interest being Oriental (the cultural group through which I would share my good and bad in the sense of blood) so they try to do whatever they can to prevent such association and attempt to keep me in the cult's association because their idea of "blood" does not include the culture of my love interest or her cultural group at all. So this is mostly about racism and determining how a victim's good and bad is distributed amongst others. In love and hate ideology there is no such barrier based upon race because it is distributed according to the measure of what a person values and what they do to earn recognition for that idea of social value. The problem is that over the course of the day, things happen to affect that distribution and burden amongst all people on that idea. Something bad might happen that others of a culture don't want to share as a burden to others. Something good might happen to a family who've struggled to earn that good fortune. Sometimes some people want to take the accomplishments of one for the benefit of their circle of blood against their wishes. So some people have incentive to break down the idea of distribution according to love and hate by either trying to trick people into hateful or negative behaviour, or by reversing the definition of love and hate so that the distribution occurs by opposite definitions. There are many things that happen in that way. The problem is that a group of people can single out and target a victim to do this to over and over again, turning it into a game because they watch what the victims accomplishes and want to ensure that it is kept within their circle (the people who want to cut others off on the basis of love and culture and strictly divide things up according to blood and often force the victim into their association of blood for such distribution).

Recently the cult saw something of value in my collective productions and publications that they want for themselves though this cult has been stealing such things from me by these means for years. I just didn't know and this is the first time anything I've done had been seen by others and some people valued it enough to want it to fuel their lives. I intended A Lady's Prerogative to be such a fuel for the lives of Women and and good principled Men who upheld values and enjoyed a civilized and yet interesting life and more importantly, they protected the world from those trying to take all that we value as free and loving people from us and others in the world. Inspired by people I've know its a good story and background world for such events and covers a lot of ground and many civilizations and cultural philosophies. Likewise, Butterfly Dragon was symbolic of my affections for a Woman of Chinese descent and the cultures of the Far East of Asia and the influence of many Women in my life who sought to change the world from their little part of it, essentially becoming heroes themselves. A lot happened between the time that I started writing these stories and their publication on the web. As you saw from the last blog post, I've been through a lot, being pushed right to the very bottom and slowly having most of my past stolen from me by others who employ this game as a method of stealing from other people. They just need to make other people think that I am a person that is deserving of such a fate.

Here's a story about how they do it.

The Tiger's Cage

by Brian Joseph Johns

An albino tiger is kept in a cage at the zoo. It is peaceful and quiet and deals with life a day at a time and has no rage or malice in it. Rumour has it that the tiger is descended from a Royal line of albino tigers and that draws a lot of people to the zoo to see the tiger even though the tiger does not believe they are. A group of people don't like the tiger, but because its so peaceful they can't get anyone to go along with slaughtering it, so they concoct a plan. They know that someone very nice and with a good reputation is coming to the zoo, someone as peaceful and gentle as the tiger, but the tiger has a bad reputation that comes from their kind as they can be dangerous. The visitor to the zoo is the kindest and gentlest person the group knows of and would never harm a fly.

The tiger is in love with another one of the big cats, a beautiful Asian tigress that the group want to keep away from the albino tiger (because he is from a different part of the land). The Asian tigress knows that the albino tiger likes her and she likes him but there are too many obstacles for them to be together. The group of people that don't like the albino tiger don't want him to be with the Asian tigress as well because they think its wrong and because a Royal tiger would never intermingle with an Asian tigress because most people think that would upset the Royal blood of the albino tiger even though the albino tiger would rather be with the Asian tigress that he loves. Another tiger at the same zoo, the albino tiger's friend knows this too and has feelings for the same Asian tigress.

They want to remove the tiger for this reason and also because they know that the tiger can protect the zoo, and they have plans to hurt some of the people and animals in the zoo. Getting rid of the tiger will allow them to do so without interference. The tiger learns of this from another animal, who may be trustworthy or might not be, but seeing as the whole zoo and lives are at stake, the tiger decides to try to tell the zoo keepers. The zoo keepers laugh and think the tiger is being amusing about the story and scuttle him back to his cage, but keep an eye out for trouble nonetheless.

The group that doesn`t like the tiger on the day that the peaceful visitor to the zoo is supposed to show up, visit the tiger cage beforehand. They start tormenting the tiger and taunting it and poking it with a stick and throwing things at it continually for two hours and eventually the tiger has had enough and becomes outraged and angry at the group. The group leave and the kind man shows up and tries to pet the tiger through the cage. The tiger still being angry and in a rage and not knowing anything about this peaceful man thinks him to be part of the group and so reaches through the cage and pulls the man into the cage with him. Just before the tiger is about to tear the poor man to shred, the group shows up with the zoo keepers and animal handlers. Not believing their eyes, they shoot the tiger to save the life of the peaceful man about to be killed by it not knowing what had happened and how the group had provoked the tiger in the first place because nobody bothered to report the people picking on the tiger, they only reported it when the tiger attacked the nice man.

So who is wrong in this case and who did the worst thing?

In another version of the story, the nice man showing up to visit the tiger is actually a friend of the group that tormented the tiger and is in on the plot to get the tiger killed. So when the tiger pulls him into the cage and is about to tear him apart, the zoo keepers and animal handlers show up. A single witness for the tiger speaks and says that a group of people and the nice man actually tormented the tiger first to instigate it into reaction and cause the attack.

The nice man who was about to be eaten by the albino tiger says that the tiger actually tried to do the same thing to him, work up his rage against the tiger so that he would try to attack the tiger, and that the tiger is the real guilty party.

So the nice man and the group that started the tiger's rage actually stole the truth of the tiger and used it in their own defense.

[This is how the cult that I am dealing with operate.

Now lets say that the tiger isn't killed but is thrown away without its claws and teeth to survive in the wild.]

The tiger finds solace amongst some other animals of the jungle who lure him into their circle. While there the other animals learn of the tigers great exploits in the wild and at the zoo. So they work together and come up with a plan to take all of the tigers stories of his life and give them to the other animals, and to give the tiger all of the bad activities that the animals have been up to like stealing the farmers chickens, getting into the farmer's gardens and killing the pets of the people in a nearby village.

They earn the tiger's trust and slowly the tiger shares their stories and adventures with the animals and it is clear that despite the tiger's own mistakes and shortcomings, the tiger is much more principled and noble about their actions and life choices than some if not most of the animals that are listening. Some listen and learn and like the tiger, but the majority from this particular part of the jungle decide they are going to steal the history and stories of the tiger for their own lives. These animals know that this will get the attention of the rangers and that they might be taken to the zoo, where they'll be fed every day, groomed and cleaned by the animal handlers, and praised by the people for their lives and stories (which came from the tiger's life).

The group of people that didn`t like the albino tiger and instigated the situation that got him put into the wild find the jungle where the tiger found his new life and they tell the other animals that they will help get them into the zoo if they steal all of the tiger`s past and stories and help them to get rid of the other animals' garbage for them.

So the animals start taking the tiger's stories one by one and treating the other animals they've given the tiger's stories to like they were part of their own lives, and then slowly they start treating the tiger like he is responsible for stealing the farmer's chickens, getting into the farmer's gardens and killing the pets of the people in a nearby village.

The animals who take the tiger's stories also give the other animals of the jungle the impression that the albino tiger is sleeping with some of the other cats of the jungle, while keeping a steady cat as his girl, despite the albino tiger is single and doesn't court the other cats of the jungle at all though some of the cats that hear his stories want him.

The tiger's stories spread further and further throughout the jungle and to far off places people know of the albino tiger, though they do not know who the albino tiger is or what he looks like. The albino tiger sees more and more signs in the jungle of the positive effects he's had on the jungle with his stories. Some of the younger animals behave like he did in his stories, some of the other animals have set their homes up like he had his, some of them have made posters with the same words he used in some of his stories. All around he sees the positive effect he's had, but most of the animals treat him poorly and some mistreat him and he cannot figure out why.

More and more as time goes no, he keeps telling his stories to the other animals and more and more he sees the signs of his positive influence but still the other animals mistreat him and sometimes ignore him. Then one day he sees that the animals he'd told the stories too are treated differently by the other animals, and given gifts by some of the animals, the ladies sometimes go out with those animals, and they get treated like they are responsible for what the albino tiger did but when the tiger shows up, the tiger gets mistreated by the others. He goes home a bit sad and upset about this.

As time goes on, it gets worse and worse and the other animals treat him worse and worse and then on his worst day, the ranger shows up with a group from the zoo and all the animals come out to see,

The ranger takes the animals whom the tiger told the stories and feeds them the best food, and leads them into the truck to the zoo. Then the ranger with some other rangers looks around and finds the tiger. The ranger captures the tiger in a net and throws him roughly into the back of a cage. Where they are all taken back to the zoo. The animals whom the tiger told the stories are treated like stars. They're given the best treatment and the best cages and food. The people come out to visit them and praise them.

The tiger is heart broken and cannot believe what he sees. Then the rangers and zoo keepers talk amongst themselves about what is to be done with the tiger, and they decide he is to be put down for the deaths of the chickens, for messing in the gardens of the farmers and for killing the pets of the village near the jungle. The rangers and the zoo keepers decide they'll do it the following day. The tiger hears this and cannot believe what is happening and of course the group that got him kicked out of the zoo, show up and taunt and torment him just as they did that fateful day. The nice man whom the tiger had been tricked into attacking had a new life, a family and was doing well. The group who abused the tiger then wave to the animals whose stories all came from the tiger, and they wave back all well fed and groomed and comfortable. The tiger becomes angry about this and roars, pacing in his cage.

The ranger comes over to the cage and sees the tiger is angry and decides that he'll give the tiger some company from another tiger who is popular at the zoo and whom used to be a friend.

The tiger gets in the cage with the other albino tiger who calms when he sees his friend from before he was thrown out of the zoo.

The albino tiger sleeps wearily despite his friend's presence on his last night alive.

The albino tiger wakes up and then tells his friend the story of how he was tricked and then pushed out of the zoo into the wild and that the animals of the jungle took his life stories from him and gave him their bad deeds against the farmers and the local village. And then the ranger rewarded them for his stories and that they were going to punish him by putting him to death for the deeds of the animals who stole his stories. The albino tiger looks wearily to his friend unsure of what to do.

His friend rubs his paws together and says:

"That's perfect. I'll take that story and the people will pity me and come from far to make it up to me for all of the wrongs that happened to you. I have already told the the Asian tigress that you were sleeping with the other cats in the jungle and she no longer wants you. The visitors to the zoo and the other animals at the zoo will pity me. The Asian tigress will become my mate and nobody will know any differently and I will be the Royal blooded tiger!"


That's what is looking like is going to happen and that is what has been happening. Don't take the zoo as meaning Heyworth House (one of the shelters that I used to stay in where I started writing some of the stories, though that is where the theft of the written stories started. The theft of my life deeds began from around 2000/2001. The zoo and the trick that got me put out into the wild would be Ferretina and the nice man would be John M though I don't think he had anything to do with it. The jungle was Riverdale, though I had many allies there, there were enough that facilitated the game of stealing the bits of my life from me. The whole thing pretty accurately matches what has happened so far. The RCMP situation too would be the potential attack on the zoo that I tried to warn about.

I'm right at the last part of the story in reality right now. Being tormented constantly by the other animals of the jungle, many of whom have already stolen my stories. That might give you an understanding of what is happening.

Even the local eavesdroppers tried to cover this up as I wrote it and imply that it was coming from a different place in the city and a different person.

The cult involved in this seem to be focused on Royal blood and believe that some of us specifically either have it or were close to it. The cult likely used me as a sort of transport to store it and carry it around mostly because of my blood type and the colours of my eyes and a few other reasons.

The shelter experience was a targeted attempt by this cult to find out everything about me in that way, to extract that essence or blood from me, and then transfer it to someone else while dumping me in a situation they'd concocted while propping someone else up to build their life. A lot of people seem to be in on this as well and most are either of the same belief, or won't risk standing against what's happening in that way for risk of falling victim themselves.

So this is about the cult in this case using the shelter system to clean me out of those aspects of my life while giving them to others. There's more to it than just that. Its also about this cult believing that their proximity to their victims is what gives them the ability to do something and then using that idea as a justification for stealing a person's efforts from them.

They might even try to claim that I am just experiencing someone else's reality in regard to a delusion about Royal blood etc. like Bobby or further back with friends in my life like John P, Katrina, Ian P, and some others as well. Then just gas light me and make me seem like a lunatic and keep me confined to this space while they do it. Others wouldn't know what was going on and they'd just transfer my experiences to someone else and make me pay for Sammy's efforts at setting me up in the situation with Angelina (Anika) while preventing me from being with the lady I'm attracted to on the basis of her culture being Oriental (Mandarin Chinese). All the while this cult runs the idea of Royal blood through the gutter.

Another thing is that the cult seem to use abuse people in substitution for their deeds, ie I have a group of neighbours who keep on bothering me about a "crack debt" even though I don't smoke at all or use narcotics, and bothering me about a "sex debt" for paid sex (something I don't partake in). This goes on around the clock as well from the cult in order to make me pay for someone else's blood on the basis of this cult's ideology. I've tried exposing this before but the neighbourhood and community seem to ignore it as do the authorities. Most just seem to gas light you and make you appear like a lunatic to "erase" it. For the cult its about substitution. The cult also seem to make you carry the burden for anyone that you stick up for. So often the cult set up situations in attempt to lure you into sticking up for others in order so they may subject you to their problems, in an attempt to trick you only into "sticking up for your own" as I've said because most of this cult are racists looking for garbage bags. Anyone who exposes their ideology is attacked similarly to how I am.

Then the cult would claim hate means love to get away with it and the abuse to their victims like myself.

Another aspect was the cult's implication of trying to make me appear like a gold digger, which doesn't fit and here's why along with some more proof that something was up.

When I first arrived in the shelter system, I befriended an abuse victim who'd fell into the shelter system as well not long after I had. We became friends and not far after an opportunity came up for her to collect $50K from a bank but she needed someone to go argue for it on her behalf. She asked me (this was around August/September of 2004). I told her that I couldn't just do that kind of thing without really knowing someone and asked her to get Frenchy (a mutual friend who was capable of protecting her if she needed it). In the end she found someone to do so for her, though I think what they were looking for was for me to do it because there was a hidden benfactor involved who wanted to make sure that it was specifically me involved.

I think that such a person who was probably a wealthy benefactor was trying to help and that there was a liason somewhere that I did not know about who knew me, and knew the people around me and knew the benefactor. I think that either that person, or someone else in between knew about this benefactor and set up to rip them off, and then attempted to hang it around my neck. So I didn't go to the bank to argue for the $50K for her, and I'd been asked to do the same thing for her by Frenchy by going to a Money Mart to argue for a $1700 cash wire where all that I'd have to do was show my identification. I wasn't suspicious about her ever, because she's an honest person at heart. I was suspicious of the circumstances and didn't do so in either situation. We were never in a relationship but she is a good friend and a good human being.

The same thing I explained happened with the lady, Sandy R who had asked me to argue at a bank for $180K for her. Once again I told her that I couldn't do that for anyone unless I'd known them for a good length of time and knew the situation. When I'd returned with our lunch, I saw her leaving in a car with another guy I'd never seen before. When I arrived back at work, they'd received a donation of $180K, exactly what I had been asked to argue for at the bank. I had nothing to hide from the bank, it was more about getting involved in a situation I knew nothing about with someone I barely knew. So there were definitely some elements to this whole thing that were strange.

As I've said, I think that I had a wealthy benefactor that was keeping an eye on me, and that someone had revealed that and with their friends and some of the hoods I'd ended up near, they were planning to rip them off and set me up. This was from 2004 forwards (I was in the shelter system until April 2012, being in variour temporary apartments for about a combined total of five months). So I think that person had trust for me and that the people that were trying to mess me up were trying a few different approaches to the situation.

  • I think there were various organizations fighting over me and that when I found allegiance with one, another would try to sabotage my progress with it and put me off course and back to their organization.
  • I think that the people or liasons that knew there was a wealthy benefactor involved were trying to scam some of the money for themselves, but trying to make it appear to be related to me.
  • I think that the liasons between the benefactor and the people I was near were working together to affect that situation in such a way and to steal the influence I'd had with the benefactor and transfer it and my identity to someone else so that when I relocated, I would be lost track of and the benefactor would be watching someone else completely different from myself.
I think that it really became apparent what was going on when my wallet and phone was stolen at Heyworth House to get at my digital journal. I reported it to the Police just for security's sake. When my bag was stolen from the park in 2007 with about $700 - $800 of my belongings, I didn't report it but that wasn't because anything was stolen because it wasn't. It was because I didn't think they could do anything about it because it was stolen in a public park. That was after Riverdale Salvation Army had closed and I'd literally left with less than I'd arrived. Not to mention that I'd been set up to appear to be involved in crack cocaine as part of one of the cult's notorious games.

Before this nonsense had began in 2005 in a very serious way, Riverdale had been one of the best places to stay, the Riverdale of that time was great and one of my favourite communities as I was really helped a lot by the Asian community there. I'll never forget that.

The best one was Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, both the Men's shelter and the Women's (though they should build a full facility for the Women's shelter for certain, but they still do good things with what they had). There was never any sort of two sidedness or scamming of people in either of those places from either the staff nor clients. The community too was good and much like the Riverdale community, in the winter you could earn money by shoveling snow (a small investment for a shovel first though). Good people there and a good community.

So after the nonsense and the cult that was very obviously trying to rip off a benefactor that I did not know that I had until fairly recently, the cult was able to either gain the (illegal) right to spy on me or because the benefactor is doing it (illegally) and I trust them, the others locally are doing it too and either pretending to be my friends, or pretending that I am a paedophile or some other sort of offender that requires them to keep an eye on me (which is not the case).

Another possibility is that they purposely put me in housing close to someone who is under watch or house arrest so they could get away with spying on me illegally as well, knowing that I was somehow connected to the benefactor that I can't seem to figure out. I think that the cult sharing that output locally and illegally with the community is what is allowing them to steal my efforts from me and put the garbage onto me from the activities of some of the others locally and then torment me about them very excessively. When I react to the harassment (and I do sometimes) I probably sound like the harasser and they hide behind that impression.

It also allows them to watch and know when I produce something that they can get away with stealing from me (most of the time the writing is what they go after and the music composition which are mostly short pieces anyway as whenever I sit down to compose, the harassment starts shortly thereafter so I have to rush through my tracks usually. I do most of my composing in my head so I know what I'm going to record roughly when I sit down to lay down the tracks). The coding they tend to stay away from trying to steal because they are either Luddites, or the people that they steal the things for don't have or use computers. So writing can be done by anyone with a pen and paper. Writing music can be done by anyone with a pen and paper or instrument. Because a lot of the sounds I do on keyboards sound like guitar instruments, the cult try to steal what I do and credit it to guitar players. I can play guitar but only very slightly but my knowledge of music theory is enough that if I had a guitar, I could probably progress with it very quickly. I can play keyboards to sound almost exactly like the real thing, but why not just use a real guitar player? In this situation because the cult is around a lot and harassing much of the time, recording a few tracks is a rare thing and when I do, I usually have the idea figured out in advance in my head. The last piece I did for the Butterfly Dragon was like that, except I'd never done an ethnic piece quite like it.

So for the cult around here its about using their illegal spying tech to steal what I do, and then make it seem the other way around. Many of those that do attempt to use biomagnetism (they call it blood) in a way that they think allows them to control someone else. The cult actually make it a game of doing so and then trying to find things that measure against their influence over the victim. Their most recent effort was making it seem like the Butterfly Dragon came from a cartoon, the Venture Bros, which is periodically broadcast on a good station called The cult look for anything they can find similarity in your creations and then try to make it seem like that`s where it came from. The cult`s game is just that way with people too. They try to make your output look like it came from a competitor they pit you against.

The cult also punish you severely if you put anything on to advertise others that they do not agree with and that are not members of their cult. So if I was to advertise someone else or put up a positive post about someone whose work I believe in, the cult around me would literally pound the ca-ca out of me emotionally for weeks for doing so. That would follow me too. The cult did exactly that for my Inspiration page and Great Causes page and for many of the posts on here where I recognized the efforts of others who`ve inspired me from before (see past posts).

So that`s why it just recently got like this. I'd had enough and needed to let people know what was happening in that way. The cult are about spreading hate (according to the red brown ideology), something that I am not about. The cult too sometimes call it Chinese food of course because they`re racists and not very much for my love interest being a Mandarin Chinese lady while I am Caucasian. Its funny but next door and below me I can hear them verbalizing their hate in regard to what I'm typing right now this very second. How the heck is that right that they can read what I am writing that quickly before I push the post or update button?

Its funny how the cult can justify this and the illegal spying locally and actually get away with it without incurring an investigation.

The cult are and have been harassing me about colours once again and particularly about the definition of red brown (which can be related to "hells" ie red=hate and brown=hell according to some ideologies. It is also used in Scientology as well for a variety of meanings, and to represent red=blood and brown=hate, brown skinned culture or some other meaning that is often fought over by the members of the cult. The Salvation Army also uses these colours along with other entities. Hate hell, another representation for the colours red brown symbolize subjecting a victim to constant hate as a sort of punishment and seems to be executed in substitution of the person supposed to receive such a punishment, making a substitute take that punishment to pay for blood. That's part of the danger when such ideologies get out of hand. The people who conduct things that way tend to keep it hidden from the general public, so public opinion never is directed against it. It also symbolizes some forms of Rosicrucianism). So around this neighbourhood the cult have a network of eavesdroppers who spy from various parts of the neighbourhood and try to keep it in their corner. I have a feeling that the spying is done by those that are supposed to be the allies of the victim, but the cult fool others into thinking that I am someone else (Karen's boyfriend which I am not) so that they are the ones keeping an eye on the illegal eavesdropping technology. Either that of the cult have it as another competition based upon the output from the best computer activity from someone else's computer so that they can share that activity with the building. Probably something like that. So the cult always want it to be someone else other than me because of my love interest being Chinese and because of the stories. That's another reason why the cult likely try to pit me against religion, so that I am the "bad guy" in comparison to other faiths and so that other faiths stand against me despite what they did to me. Probably a sort of Jobe or Faustian test of some sort.

Often, blood centric racists use it to define colour specific to cultural blood. This way when using biomagnetism to affect their victim, such a cult believe they are transferring their culture to the victim and even in some cases controlling the victim. This also embodies the idea of blood as in the medium through which a religion or group share their good and bad. So when one group of people want to keep a person or persons away from another competing ideology or keep someone from sharing their good with a culture that the cult don't allow, the cult members often use this definition of blood to "lock" their victim into their circle so that their victim cannot share their good with others of the culture they are preventing. The cult locally do this often to me because they are against my affinity and love interest being Chinese or members of the Oriental and Asian community. So much so that they imply my affections to be more so related to fetish than real affection or caring for their culture. So unfortunately the members of this cult that do this are very racist themselves in that respect. For the cult its about forcing the victim into association locally with someone against their will rather than allowing a relationship with someone of a banned culture. Mormonism often regards and forces such relationships and prevents certain mixed culture relationships that involve people who are not what they deem to be pure or approved blood. Some other faiths follow this example as well and keep the bridge closed between those of certain cultures (Caucasian and Chinese) on the grounds or religion and what is deemed to be blood. This is not shared amongst all religious people but in fact an interpretation chosen by some who enforce it by forced biomagnetism (which they call blood). In some areas this is also seen as a means of transferring the burden of one group of people to another.

The cult in this sense do so because they are against certain relationships (such as Caucasian and Chinese or other Oriental) and because of this, they attempt to transfer their social burden to one of the members of such a relationship (which the racist groups actually call "Chinese food" meaning the social burden and garbage they dump upon others of cultures they disapprove of). When the cult found out about my relationship with a Chinese lady in 2006, they attempted to use me to transfer their garbage and social burden to her. In that way, she and members of the Chinese community would think that it came from me. The cult then later set up the situation on River Street in attempt to create a situation they could use to have an example of such an association. The whole thing was likely about transferring the crack cocaine related social burden from one person to another through one of their competitions, and knowing that I had the support of the Chinese community, some of the people in Riverdale who knew this conspired to set that situation up (along with some other means) in order to reinforce that idea and to push me to be the "loser" of one of those competitions (likely a Hell's Angel sponsored competition as they often conduct them that way pitting two people against each other and transferring the bad from both to one and the good from both to the other). As well, the cult would be against my love interest being Chinese and needed a way to disconnect me from that culture and force me over to their side. That set up was purposely that kind of situation. The truth is that I don't use crack cocaine and never have. I used to smoke cigarettes but quit almost 4 years ago and did so cold turkey (I stopped the moment that I chose to quit and have not lit up again since). So the cult used the fact that I smoked cigarettes and the fact that I'd smoked cannabis in my life to twist the impression upon the Chinese community that I was not a good candidate for a relationship or marriage.

The cult in this building affect and abuse my repute by transferring their social burden related to someone specific whose load they are trying to transfer to me. Possibly by implying me to be that person and to be living their lifestyle which I am not. I drink occasionally but rarely and never get unruly although the Police were called once when I had the music turned up because sometimes if I am feeling good when having a drink I like dancing.

So in this building the cult have been particularly abusive about this and subjecting me to a lot of their version of "hate hell" despite the fact that I don't deserve it. The cult often use colours when it involves things like Amnesty International as well. So getting a letter from them can symbolize transferring the torture that someone else experiences to the receiver of the letter as the cult does this locally. Meanwhile the cult who conduct this activity don't do a thing for anyone else but themselves in most cases unless they want to avoid being identified with the cult.

The cult watch for things like that and because I used to be a fairly active supporter, I still get letters and whenever I do, it doesn't take long for the cult to subject me to a night's worth of abuse. Even if there is no such letter, the cult locally using colours for interpretation still find a way to subject me to their hate and often because of their attitude about my love interest, they attempt at all costs to reverse hate to mean love and love to mean hate so that after I've said how much I care about her, there's a chance she'd be subject to the bad instead of the good. That's how this cult work to keep people apart. Not nearly everyone in this building is like that, but at times when they know they're not being watched, they are abusive and tormenting for the whole night. especially if they want to take me out of commission (prevent me from working) for the next day.

Repute is important to Chinese families so attacking a person's repute and making trouble for a Chinese family is a sure way to prevent a relationship. This cult targeted me for that reason and did just that. As  matter of fact, this cult has been doing this to me for most of my life without me even knowing.

I was the "lamb for the slaughter" as one person put it, which is a reference to a biblical passage where Abraham is asked by God to kill his son Isaac as a test of his faith. He agrees, and as he raises the knife to kill him, God replaces his son with a lamb. That is the foundation to the idea of substitution.

Another story that teaches that allegory in a different light is the story of Kane and Abel, which teaches that the brother that perseveres and carries the burden of the sometimes wreckless lifestyle of the other brother is rewarded for their perseverance, and retains their own good in addition to their own bad, and the weight of their brother.

I am not religious and I've never been to Sunday school but if you are going to have an opinion about things, you'd best not be ignorant and I know as much if not more about science, string theory, quantum mechanics as I do about Gnostic ideology, religion and mysticism.

So by the cult doing this they hoped to break me away from the Chinese culture and force me into another relationship of their choosing and one based upon a forced choice of blood that coincides with the religion. In fact, by the cult forcing this they are hoping that I react hatefully against them because that would make me appear racist.

Its a form of manipulation. Force a person in one direction, they'll push against you in the other. Let go and they'll lose their balance in the direction they were resisting. That would make me appear racist if I react because they are forcing me away from the lady I feel strongly for and her culture.

The more this plays out, the more trouble it makes and the more it pushes the reality of me ever being with her again further away. The cult like in the story of the albino tiger above, are like the animals of the jungle. They steal the tiger's stories and history for their own lives. The other animals that are far distant in other parts of the land don't know who the real albino tiger is, but they know about the tiger's stories. The animals close to the tiger are stealing the tiger's history and past and wearing them as their own. Meanwhile their plans are to dump their sins upon the tiger (sins just means anything for which the cult makes a social burden by their treatment of a perpetrator of that deed or the substitute "lamb for the slaughter" who takes the punishment in their place).

So locally in this sense the cult are very abusive about this. Colours often symbolize things related to super heroes (Iron Man) so the cult want to break them down to mean very specific representation which determine what a person must carry in terms of burden to pay for that representation. Many members of such a cult and especially criminal gangs or just gangs try to define those colours to benefit what they want for an area.

Colours can also symbolize carrying the burden of something related to a movie, like that of a superhero from the movie. The movie makers make it a sort of notoriety game and because the social burden might be quite high for carrying the weight of some movies, there might be rewards of some form or another. So if the cult locally attempt to make the social burden very high and attempt to steal the success of the victim who is carrying that weight and attribute it to someone else so that person receives the reward after the victim carried it the whole distance. The people would never know about that and the reward for doing so would go to completely a different person. Because the local cult keep a layer of lies about who is actually carrying the burden for something or make it a competition between several people, nobody would know. Again the cult would steal from you what you accomplished and paint you like it came from someone else. The cult did that with my books, trying to imply that it came from a childhood friend of mine (Rob Tozer) in such a way that it was looked upon as if it was me that was taking the credit for what he was doing which is not the case at all. I didn't even know he was writing until a year and a half ago. I started writing seriously when I was around 17 years old. I am happy for him and his success but I did not take the credit for his efforts from him. So the cult doing this attempt to ruin opportunity and success and steal it from you. The last few weeks they've been more abusive than they have the whole time so something must be up.

Maybe somebody took notice of me who has an opportunity that the cult wanted to destroy so they wound up the worst abuse they could to get this kind of a reaction when someone who could affect my future positively was looking. They would read this rant of the last two posts and think "this guy is nuts" or "this guy has serious issues, he's not ready for success". So it would function as a means to destroy opportunity much the same way they did fifteen years ago during Animation Group/Ferretina Film Productions.

As I've said, the cult dump their worst onto you and then abuse you for weeks at a time everywhere you go. I've been getting it at this level for about six years and that's nearly constantly. I am not a paedophile or sex offender and I don't even have a criminal record or charges against me and never have. So the cult doing this are doing so in order to sabotage either things related to career progress or relationship on the basis that my love interest is Chinese and I am Caucasian.

Anyway, hate does not mean love and love does not mean hate.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is
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