Monday, April 27, 2015

Just a note...

I think that when my internet was installed, or sometime thereafter some people in the building somehow gained access to the means to disconnect it randomly or even to put it through another pathway (ie another router or gateway), which they use to impersonate my internet connection by connecting their computer on the same line, for a minute or two, then switching it back. It only seems to happen late at night around Sunday at 3:00 am. There's a group in here determined to pass me off as someone else named Chuck either living here or somewhere else in their substitution game. The cult make it a game of swapping two people's deeds and identities. I am not a member of any such religion at all and hate does not mean love and love does not mean hate to me. I am not even a member of any such club that does that. The cult swap my identity with someone who lives at Finch (whom they refer to by that nickname obviously based upon their neighbourhood or place of residence).

There is someone in here that is impersonating my identity, or trying to dump their computer activities onto me. I don't pirate anything, software or movies or music, as I believe in paying for the artists who make things. The cult are a group of people locally and elsewhere who make it a game of bouncing you around between two opposing ideas, whom are often working with each other just to clean out their victims as they are thieves of what other people say and do, but if you point that out, they try to turn it around upon you. As well, the cult attempt to dump the sexual activities of someone else as well, even though I've not had sex in nearly 5 years. I've reported this activity several times and though I've received replies, nothing has been done about it.

This is yet another record of this activity, which I will not publish but keep online so I have a record of it. Tonight the cult are being especially aggressive about this once again.

So there's something going on in another apartment completely different from mine, that the cult who are basically neighbours in the building are harassing me about. Its someone down the hall. I think the cult take turns either monitoring certain computers (or connections). They treat one of the people down the hall like I am him. Likewise when I go out into the community. The same deal. I'm not sure how they get the permission to spy on their computers (or mine for that matter). There's a lot of people who seem to be aware of it too. They use it to steal the credit for whatever I do and impersonate themselves off as the ones doing it. So the eavesdropping watches my computer sometimes (illegally), they take whatever I write. Then based on the attention it garners, they pretend to be me or the person that is writing it.

As well, because the cult are against mixed culture relationships involving cultures outside of their circle (in my case my love interest is Oriental) and I am Caucasian and my love interest does not live in this building. The cult try to take whatever you accomplish before it gets shared with people of that culture because the cult are blood centric about your good efforts leaving their circle and ending up with someone else's culture that is not a part of their ideology. So they spy on those people who are attracted to or are in a relationship with someone of such a culture, so they can make sure they get their piece of whatever you're doing first.

Brian Joseph Johns
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