Friday, February 20, 2015

Delayed Stories Once Again But Hope Is Around The Corner...

Hello everyone.

I am sorry to say that once again my work on A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth and The Butterfly Dragon has been delayed by abusive neighbours and neighbourhood stalking and aggressive harassment so I've put a hold on them until it stops.

My neighbourhood can be pretty good at times (around the strip of Dundas Street and Parliament Ave. up to Bloor Street as there's some neat restaurants and shops along the stroll and I've posted about some of the interesting points along the way). There's also Allen Gardens right nearby as well, a beautiful indoor terrarium and garden with an accompanying park in the middle of the city. A special spot for myself and a lady that I'm fond of and whom I have not seen since 2006.

Unfortunately sometimes there can be an abusive bunch that stroll those routes, each one giving a piece of the overall harassment to get you ramped up and reactive and they seem to target me quite often if not always.

Inside where I live there are people who attempt to get that reaction all the time around the clock as a group. Factor in the abusive use of biomagnetism which is a relatively new field of research of late and you've got a pretty serious issue. For those of you who don't know, invasive biomagnetism is something practised by a group who attempt to build up negative emotions within themselves as a group, which causes their body to produce hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which they try to stimulate into production into the bodies of their victims with their biomagnetic field. Sounds like science fiction but this is real.

I've published a fact filled scientific post about it here with a bibliography and references.

I might remind you that this is similar to a problem that happened to women in the 1960s and 1970s that resulted in a whole generation of women in North America ending up on Prozac prescriptions as a result of mass anxiety and emotional problems stemming from erratic hormone production in the bodies of these women. Prozac inhibits the effects of natural hormones like cortisol and adrenaline so that one does not feel anxiety or even hypertension or anger so readily.

It was the only solution the Doctors had at the time and I suspect that thanks to new means of measuring such phenomenon as biomagnetism, they might be closer to isolating it as a real means of abuse that some people are using to affect others against their will.

As always, I am not talking about the forms of biomagnetic healing found in Eastern medicine which have always proven a benefit to the overall medical practice in terms of innovative techniques for diagnosis and treatment that work hand in hand with Western medicine quite well.

Anyway, I suspect that this form of erratic hormone production is related to this abusive form of biomagnetism where a group of people practice ramping up their biomagnetic field as a group, and attempt to stimulate someone else's body into producing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in order to induce anxiety attacks and erratic behaviour in the victim.

When I say this as a victim, I do not use narcotics or substances that would have the same effects upon my body. Nor am I mentally ill or diabetic (both of which could affect hormone levels). This is definitely from an exterior source and seems to accompany the harassment of the people who conduct it.

The group that does this believes their biomagnetism gives you the ability to do creative things. So they literally try to steal what I write for that reason for their own credit. The stories are inspired by people who are inspiring, not abusive, stalking or harassing and I don't reverse the polarity of love and hate to their respective opposites. So when this group does this kind of thing, I don't write.

When this stops I'll get right back to writing as I am looking forward to finishing up with A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth. Of course the coming confrontation in the West View township of the colony between Shaela and the Wytch Hunters (nearly six hundred of them) is only going to be a little bit of fun and that's before Mila, Sato, Barris, Jasmer and Evan show up to round out the curtain call while Yirfir joins the Battle of the Sanctum and of course while the two Nelonys travel to modern day Aerth to stop Lorr's Twins from destroying all of civilization. Not all the characters are going to make it through this one.

Likewise with the Butterfly Dragon, Heylyn's little Flowery Garden Of Laughter is sure to be special and mysterious as are the horrendous things that seek her, Heylyn, Alicia, Monique and Valerie. Someone seeking to fill the void left in the end of the first Butterfly Dragon book: Heroes Of Our Own. All while Alicia is trying to start a family with her beau, Walton Norler. Not to mention the classroom of children from the first experiment. Where are they now and what are they doing and why are they connected to this ancient secret?

Chances are in the next few months I'll be looking to hire some artists to flesh out the worlds of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon. One step at a time though as I'm on a limited budget.

Oh and by the way Fairy Char, your healing videos are excellent and very creative and good for relaxation. They must take a great deal of effort to put together and your spontaneous improv is great too.

Another great ASMRtist is Heather Feather whose ideas explore a variety of realms. A great way to relax and that's exactly what its for and these two go through a lot of effort to be compassionate healers for many.

Speaking of great healers, I hope that you're doing well Dr. Angela Martin-King. Kisses and hugs.

Even healers need healers from time to time. If I could buy you all a vacation somewhere exotic and relaxing for you and someone you love, I'd do it in a second.

Let's take some time to help heal our healers. You never know how valuable having healing or compassion is until you need it, believe me.

Emotional damage can be just as painful as physical as well and sometimes more so because the bruises don't show visibly.

The body is a place of the mind and the heart and all three need healing from time to time.

To my friends of the Far East of Asia and those celebrating the ending of the Lunar year and the beginning of a new one, Happy New Year!

Stay Safe And Be Well

Brian Joseph Johns

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