Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Two New Friends, Two New Blogs...

One Fish, Two Fish.

Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel

Here are my two new fish in their first appearance. Believe it or not, they posed for this picture and I'm serious in saying so. Fish are great and much more clever than most people would think.

And Now For The Adults

Two new blogs have gone up, one is Tales Of The Sanctum which is a random collection of stories from the world of A Lady's Prerogative that I am just starting out. The second is called The Butterfly Dragon, and will contain a random collection of stories pertaining to the world of that mythos. Both sites are adult and mature in content, meaning that I will be going to a more graphic novel style of writing and they are not meant for younger readers like the original Heroes Of Our Own.

I made this move to address some aspects of storytelling that I'd like to delve into but have kept clear of on this blog although A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth has turned into a whirlwind of controversy.

I suspect that I will continue building the world of A Lady's Prerogative and Heroes Of Our Own on those blogs. One of the stories contains a spoiler about the upcoming story elements in the climax of Wounded Aerth, which I've been holding off on writing while waiting for the local stalker storm to calms down. It is in the works with a bit of a rewrite of the most recent chapter as it is just a little too cliche, and the Power Lords and Culdar Rath are much more well prepared for this battle. They've been preparing for it for four thousand years. Thiara deserves a bit more or a dramatic confrontation with them and a showcase for why she's the Matron of the Night Wytch.

Anyhow, enjoy.

Brian Joseph Johns

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