Monday, August 25, 2014

Goodbye for now.

After a great deal of stalking and harassment, I decided to remove the blog and its contents but keep the name because I like it.

Too much theft of my deeds using illegal eavesdropping technology. Too much swapping of my identity to propel other people's lives while they dump their garbage upon me, only to be stalked and harassed by literally a hundred or more people in a day obviously trying to get me to be the hate side of things. That's how this cult empties their victims by the way. The cult seem to be doing it for the reason of using me as a garbage bag for someone else. I have another blog for my gripes and I've done nothing to deserve this. Obviously the cult are using me to take the punishment for someone else. While rewarding that person or persons with my good deeds or positive efforts. I can't respect that at all so I'm packing it in, maybe leaving my city. I'd leave my country if I could afford it, but I don't think that I can. The cult are literally that bad in trying to dump their garbage onto others then chasing them off with it like the hunters in A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth. Maybe I'll find the Haven somewhere.

I have some people around me trying to literally steal what I say and do and give it to others, while keeping another group of people in the dark about what's really going on around here. Something to do with someone named Chuck, whom they say is "controlling" me, which is nonsense of course. This is the cult that uses the illegal eavesdropping technology around here in Toronto, using it for the purposes of stealing what another person says and does. There seems to be a lot of people in on keeping it quiet, even the fact that I want to move out of the city and away from this nonsense. I am not a member of any religious ideology, and am a recent convert to Atheism as a result of this activity. 

I initially wanted to be a Freemason in 2003, when I became curious and interested about them and becoming one. At the same time, it became known by someone else that I was in line for a big reward or good fortune of some form. The person (whom told me while I was at the Salvation, telling me he was going to "make me earn it, every penny". That was around when the cult really started ramping up their efforts against me. I guess that it was related to blood type because at around the time the cult discovered mine, is when they dropped me, even setting me up to appear like I was involved in crack cocaine. What I thought was a Salvation turned around completely and a nightmare from that point. So after all this time, years of harassment and torment by many people on the streets of the city, I hereby withdraw my seeking membership to the Freemasons, Rosicrucians or Gnostics though I'll bet the real ones had little to do with this activity and were trying to guide me away, but for the whole time there were others trying to steer me away and steal what you were offering. I want nothing to do with the Salvation Army after than incident as well though I don't think the whole organization was involved, but I think a few people were involved in this. So we're done and whatever opportunity there was is done. Despite the problem with others being against my love interest's culture (she's Oriental though I won't say which culture) I am standing by my attraction in that regard. I thank you for your consideration of my efforts to join your club, and believe in what you do, but I do not believe in others stealing the words and deeds of others to feign membership or to feign the requirements. Be wary of those who do. There are many who kept such a ruse secret here for a long time.

There are people who swap places with me to try and make me seem the perpetrator rather than the victim. I do not conduct illegal eavesdropping on others. Here is a recent picture of me (looking a little grife):

As I`ve said, I think that this cult steals from their victim by provoking them to reaction, especially hate or some other extreme emotion attempting to synchronize it with a definition for the colours that person is wearing. So they spend much time attempting to do so and in an extreme sense. Much of this activity is because of the culture of my love interest (being Oriental) and the cult trying to keep that secret.

The cult try to trick you into contradicting something that you said or did earlier, related to what they eavesdropped from you in your apartment or living space. In such a way if you contradict it, they will give the credit for it to someone else. So its all about this cult conducting illegal eavesdropping for this manner of theft. They also use the monitoring to know when you are attempting to accomplish something in order to sabotage it. Either steal it or sabotage it.

Enough for now but I'll pick myself up, brush myself off and keep going and hopefully those of you fighting the good fight will do the same.

For all of the fans of my writing and books I am grateful and thank you for sharing the most precious of things with me, your time. I'll continue again sometime and somewhere and when I do, I'll be sure to spread the word so you can find out what happened with your favourite characters. Believe me I really miss Mila, Shaela and Nelony a lot already and I'd love to snuggle up beside Heylyn someday, but that's just not in the cards yet. Maybe when she's done her adventure and Alicia and Weltherwithsp gets her back safely she'll find the time for a lost cause like me like she did for Monique.

I won't be working on the stories at all until I'm sure about the removal of the eavesdropping technology.

So goodbye from me here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns
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