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On Issues Of Control: The Director's Cut

Note: This touches upon some adult issues so viewer discretion is advised.

Hate is not love and love is not hate in this article or anywhere else in this blog.

My Stance On Mind Control

Control has come up recently in some of my stories ie the character Torman's abilities to "persuade" others to his side of the proverbial fence in my story Heroes Of Our Own.

This is one issue that comes up often around here and by some of my stalkers on the issue of "mind control". I am going to address that and my views on mind control both imagined and real.

Influence And Proximity

There are some people who believe that their being actually fuels the drive and morality of others by means other than inspiration. In this sense they might believe that others are in their presence or proximity imbued with an augmented sense of good and capability that they would not otherwise have. Some even believe that their presence augments the personality of others aside from their being inspiring. In the Far East this custom is more linked to their respect for their ancestry and the respect for others when it comes to interactions and especially in business dealings. It is customary to do something good after such an interaction to honour the person with whom you interacted and their heritage and a good omen of things to come between you and them. A much different aspect than what I talk about below.

Locally things are a bit different as there are a few people that literally believe that their being fuels better thought and morality than otherwise people on their own would have. There are even people who might even call this effect a form of control and when in the presence of their spouse or someone whom they sought to be with in such a manner, they might even feel that such a person's mind and persona was improved beyond its normal capabilities by their presence or even infused with their persona and abilities.

Invasive Remote Influence

In addition there are people mostly operating in groups who try via the natural biomagnetic field of the human body, to literally connect to the nervous system of another person and manipulate and even control others via this effect for which there is a lot of scientific proof. Being able to trigger the production of hormones such as cortisol in the human body remotely or even being able to connect to the cognitive processes of another person is within the realm of possibility and is another form of control. Some people subject to such activity often experience anxiety attacks and other momentary behavioural disorders. Not to mention that if someone can life hack your cognition, they could literally shoulder surf your life experiences, including those for which you might share with another person. That's kind of cognitive voyeurism and I don't know about you, but I'd not want a group of passengers on board my cognition when I am having an intimate moment with someone that I love. 

Protecting Against It?

Again this is an area that Asian and Far East traditions such as Qigong, Reiki and Yoga might offer a means of help and protection against misuse seeing as they've been using biomagnetism and Chi, Qi or Prana in healing for about three thousand years. As well, clinical hypnosis (ironically another perceived form of control) might be another area that might provide some disciplinary as well as reinforcement and protection against such misuse of these natural properties of the human body.

Do You Really Care About The One You Love?

The morality of such issues come down to how one person regards others when getting to know someone and especially in regard to how they value people and especially their partner.

If one believes that their partner or friend is somehow imbued with better personality or abilities by their being and presence (love aside as it can have a positive effect on all partners) then how can one say that they even distinguish between people if they don't love the mind of their partner, the thing that makes her (or him) different from others. To try to control someone against their will is to love yourself more than their mind alone really and to regard their body as the part of them that you love and not their mind. Why not get a blow up doll as it would be the same thing?

Role Play Is Safe And Fun

Now as a person that is into control this might seem hypocritical coming from me, but let me explain first. Every partner that I've had in life (with the exception of one or two situations that should never have happened) I've loved their mind the most and their body and any interactions between us were great because of their mind and creativity. The most important part about your being with someone intimately. When you as adults play with someone I hope that if you do play and not try something like control for real. Why not include the mind and creativity of your partner in such fantasies especially if you'd do the same for them? A big difference in the idea because you're both involved in such intimacy creatively and that is important. That's the difference between really loving your partner and just going out and buying a blow up doll. It implies that you want to play a part in their fantasies with your creativity as much as you'd like to see their interpretation of your own.

Anyone who feels they imbue another human being with better being otherwise by their presence or blood obviously does not really care about the one thing that makes their partner different from everyone else: their mind.

The Problem?

There are people whose logic dictates that if they can make you react via such means, that you are under their control. The same people use the logic that in such a case that they have the right to steal the credit for your deeds if they're good while taking the blame for your deeds if they're bad. So this group of people has devised a scheme of doing this whereby they attempt to get a bad reaction by provocation from their victim just after the victim has done something exceptional. Such a group use that as a means to get at the deeds of their victim, taking the credit for them in exchange for taking the blame for the victim's reaction. Some people even believe this reaction effect to be "the mark of the beast" meaning that you haven't got a real consciousness of your own. This can have some severe connotations as there are people who will take advantage of this and often. 

The "strangers" aka the Culdar Rath in my story A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth use this method to discredit their victims. In the township of the colony in that story, the strangers and the hunters use this method to set up their "Wytches". Their goal was to make these "Wytches" appear guilty of their crimes while taking the good deeds, material wealth and even the past of the supposed "Wytches". By making the Wytches seem reactionary to the charges, they assure the easy passing of bounties for them and the support of other people. Those people who jump on board get the advantage of being able to dump their "sins" onto these Wytches who are put to death or flee to a place of exile. In other words, the citizens of the colony are going along with it as a way to swap their deeds to their victims and to take the good deeds of their victims and then either kill them or send them packing. The victims are often pit against the entire township beforehand (there are a few sympathizers but they stay low for fear of falling victim themselves). There's a lot more to it than that, but that is one element of the plot. A real problem that is occurring now and in real life in some areas. Around here the same activity results in a lot of identity theft, theft of deeds and abuse by the practitioners of this ideology. You can literally have whole sections of your life stolen and end up being sent packing with someone else's deeds. Its happened to me four times already and that means having to build from the ground up every time with the burden of deeds that you have nothing to do with. Often so bad that it results in you having a difficult time trying to find honest alternative means to support yourself. 

The Bottom Line

Trying to control people against their will is wrong. If you like it, then role play it creatively with your partner or partake of the many mediums that allow you to explore such an avenue without affecting others.

As I've stated in a prior post, many women in the ninteen sixties and seventies were harmed similarly when a group of people in those generations tried to affect them via the same means of control via remotely induced production of hormones triggering anxiety attacks. This ultimately resulted in a generation of women ending up on Prozac, a drug which reduces the effects of the body's response to it's own naturally occurring hormones. The only way that Doctors knew how to protect them because nobody else believed the women when they tried to explain about what was happening to them.

Nobody controlled me into writing this by the way and hate is not love and love is not hate. Let's keep the polarity where it should be.

[Update: 9:35 PM July 16, 2014]

Since posting this blog entry, several people in my neighbourhood have ramped up their harassment effort (I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada near just south of Dundas on Sherbourme). A great neighbourhood in some ways but unfortunately there are some that utilize aggressive love and hate to empty their victims of their good and to turn them into their garbage bags. These are people against my love interest being Oriental as well whom have been organized in doing this for a while. They are amongst a group of people who have access to illegal eavesdropping technology in the area which gives them a head's up when there's computer activity from my computer before a posting or when I write. The group unfortunately abuse this power for the purposes as harassing me whenever I write or work mostly. Often the group will abuse this power to literally steal my identity or the persona that writes these entries and stories and wear that identity as their own. The context of mind control comes into play because these people are among some that use the techniques described above to provoke reaction and claim the credit for the good deeds of their victim. There are a lot of people who secretly support what I am doing here, but unfortunately like the townfolk in my book, they can't help for fear of falling victim to the same thing themselves. These stalkers don't operate alone and often target their victims everywhere their life takes them. I am not a Felon nor do I have a criminal record or abuse issues and I don't use my computer for anything illegal so there is no real justification for such a thing. 

Stay Safe And Be Well And Safe Playing
Brian Joseph Johns
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