Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hold On Momentarily

I hope that everyone's Canada Day was a good one. I spent mine mostly at home resting though it was enjoyable.

The last few days I took quite a beating from my stalkers who of course are amongst those who read this blog and attempt to break down any good presented here. Some live exceedingly close by spend most of their effort in abuse of my time.

They appear to be part of a group that operate under the guise that hate means love and therefore attempt to trick others into reaction in order to go along with such a ploy. Not a pleasant experience to say the least as is being stalked by them. The same group are amongst people who are against my love interest being Oriental though my stories such as A Lady's Prerogative are really for all women and all readers regardless of culture.

So if you see me and I seem a little bit reactive or off, its just my defensiveness against such treatment and please don't read too much into it as it wears on you after a length of time. I'm trying to make sure that such a group don't cause grief for my love interest and the women members of my community, most of whom are quite supportive. There are many good guys around as well, but most of the resistance I experience in relation to the culture of my love interest comes from some of the bad ones. 

I am not a big fan of hate means love and never have been. Just a trick some might use to trick you into supporting something that you really don't or to trick you into dropping what you've stood up for prior to such. There are many meanies that attempt to target this blog for such a deal and to steal I suppose just as there are those who'd rather make you appear a bit "off". If you appear to contradict in public what you write on your blog, the people responsible for "tricking" you into such an appearance believe that you lose the benefit of what your words. 

A sort of contradiction of words versus action, which of course the people doing so are experts at as demonstrated by their reversal of hate to mean love. Really it is just a means to get away with hate and they actually believe they can transfer their bad deeds to others that they can trick into a bad reaction. Some such stalkers call this activity "hate hell", related to their treatment of their victims. Why I'd be in "hell" I do not know. Maybe my defence of World Pride or the nature of some of my stories has them up in arms. As long as they don't start burning Wytches though I'd not put it past them.

Needless to say that has put a damper on the stories for a bit, but I'll recharge and recover soon enough. I have some people trying to imply their association with me whom have none which makes this a scary situation for a guy like myself who has been single for more than four years. I'm not even rich but possibly (in)famous and I already have stalkers. 

Sims Stimulation

On the gaming front, I recently got the Sims 3 from Steam (The Sims 4 was recently released in case you want the latest) for a great price and played it for a long while on the weekend. I've been a long time fan of titles from Maxis like Sim City, Sim Ant and Sim Earth way back in the old days. The sims franchise is a great one and allows you to set out the lives of one or more computer simulated people over the course of their lives. It is addictive and fun and can lend itself to perspective and planning in your own life (minus the mean and nasty stalkers). A game I'd highly recommend to anyone who loves gaming. For the mean time its a great substitute for a social life and relationship (or lauch pad and the planning stage for a future one). I'll have to see what the future brings.

Look for another post tomorrow and until then,

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns
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