Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Once Again, A Halt On All Stories...

Brian Joseph Johns

Hello once again to my readers.

Once again I've run into serious problems with stalkers in my area and specifically with my immediate neighbours who literally conduct the harassment around the clock. They seem to be able to know exactly when I go to write as if they can read the contents of my computer screen, and generally target their harassment that way. Most likely some form of illegal surveillance technology and they aren't Police and I'm not a criminal (I don't have a criminal record nor am I or have I been a sex offender or something else that would draw such scrutiny and negative attention and I don't use or deal in any substances as well so there's no legal justification for such).

I hate to break this to you my most cherished readers, but until I get a break from it I have to stop writing as it can affect your writing detrimentally as the activity is emotionally exhausting. They really don't like me composing music as well which is a drag. This cult are a group of very abusive people unfortunately and until that stops I can't do much. 

I'm wondering how they get away with the use of such illegal eavesdropping technology when they aren't law enforcement and they don't seem to be scrutinized by law enforcement at all though I've mentioned it to law enforcement numerous times about the activity without much degree of success.

The same group of people use it to take credit for the content on this site, so please if you like the stories and want to help me out in some way please spread the word about the stories and help to curb this harassment activity by spreading the word about it too. 

In the mean time I am working towards a software release as much as I can between emotional beatings by this cult and hopefully I'll have it up soon along with some other offerings.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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