Friday, March 7, 2014

There will be no more additions to books

It is with great regret that I inform you that there will be no more additions to any of the books listed here on this blog. A Lady's Perogative and its sequels though dear to my heart, will no longer be updated or receive additions.

After today's harassment by many people over the course of my travels in the Sherbourne Street to Wellesley Street areas of Toronto and including to a Government office where I experienced some of the worst harassment, I have decided to quit entirely writing these books or any in the future. 

I am not anti-Government (which is obviously the goal of this cult towards the goal of making me appear so while they steal the credit for my efforts). The idea with the cult that does such things is that they try to steal the credit for what you do if they can provoke you to negativity or anger. This account is associated with apartment 701 in the building that I live (200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) and seeing as I am single, anyone else using it would be doing so illegally.

The cult literally believe that they can control you as a result and therefore steal the credit for what you do believing that they controlled you. The cult in doing so are and have been trying to make my exposure of this sound like it is a stance against Oriental culture, knowing my love interest to be a member of that culture. I can assure you that my stance is not against anyone on that basis at all as it is not against the organized society.

I have also decided to stop all writing work for Amnesty International or any contributions made towards those efforts though I still believe in what they do. Some of my letters from the Write For Rights event ended up on the desk of John Baird and the Prime Minister of Canada so my effort was well received, but as I've said, there is a group conducting illegal eavesdropping around my living space who have repeatedly attempted to steal the credit for anything that I do online and with writing, even claiming to be "mind controlling" me into writing. 

There has been an effort that is too malicious and organized to subject me to much malice and even sabotage many elements of my life. This includes efforts to steal my books and to access my online accounts via my identity. As well some people have done the same with my real life personal identity to get at my personal records at least a few years ago. I can assure you I am Brian Joseph Johns that is writing this just as I can assure you that I wrote every one of the books in the writing section and composed the music to be found in the music section.

I still very much believe in women's rights and the rights of others in society as expressed through my writing and actions with organizations like Amnesty International. I have as well contributed to organizations like World At School and others. I still very much believe the day and Saturday to be A Lady's Perogative, but I will not accept being mistreated for so long by so many people. 

Hate simply is not love. That's like the rape defense of no means yes or reverse onus law where you're guilty until proven innocent. I have indicated that my love interest is Oriental and there are many people against that as I am Caucasian but my regards to women's interests are not limited by culture nor are they limited by sexual orientation. Every adult has the right to be in a loving spousal relationship. The characters of my stories have remained and are a wide assortment of backgrounds but are pertinent to the narrative of the stories. Besides, if hate does mean love, why doesn't such a group treat other people this way? I can't be the only person that they hate/love.

Just as a of note: The True as indicated in my story A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth did not refer to any racist group or any group that supported eugenicist views as I am completely against such ideas of genetic bigotry. The True was something that referred to something entirely different but had nothing to do with blood or genetics.

The strangers do not represent immigration into the country in any allegorical way and hence are not the organizers of hunt. The strangers do hail into the story from another place but the allegory is not related to immigration. Once again another indication that illegal surveillance can be extremely damaging to any art form. That's two attacks on artistic expression.

Many people might have misinterpreted such a thing from the unfinished story and that is the danger inherent with illegal surveillance whose output is shared into a community and is done so illegally. Unfortunately until it is reigned in or investigated I suspect that much worse indignations will occur as a result.

Once again, I am not a eugenicist nor do I follow any ideology of a superior race of people based upon genetics. I was not under anyone's control or influence while writing this post or any of my stories either.

To Fans Of What I Write My Apologies As The Goal Was Not To Punish You

Humbly and with great disappointment though still very much I feel that this is all about defending A Lady's Perogative.

Brian Joseph Johns

The real writer of A Lady's Perogative, A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth, Stories From The End, Our Place, The Archive, A Knight To Remember, Moving On and The Answer Is In The Keys.

Nobody controlled me into doing so and I did not plagiarize any of it from anyone else.

I am not about hate.
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