Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wasn't Expecting That and Heads Up...

Must Have Been Too Warm?

It must have been too warm or too good the post yesterday and this by any means is not a complaint. It is a heads up to anyone out there who has accumulated and shared a bit of good with others.

After yesterday's post, I went outside today to use the food bank, the grocery store and get a bottle of Valentine's Day Rum (a tiny one) and wearing red white (in the loving sense) because I was thinking I would like to share some of my good with some of the people who share their food or distribute it and with some of the other people out in the neighbourhood as I saw fit. 

My mistake for thinking that was a good idea.

Apparently some people have been keeping an eye on me for the purpose of doing just that, timing their attempts in the neighbourhood for taking whatever good there is to take or to limit its distribution by their criteria and not mine if I have something to share.

On my way out and on my way there, many people tried many times to get a "hateful" or even zealous reaction (as per yesterday's post where I commented that the tensions between science and religion are often caused by zeal, dogma and pragma from either side). 

Anyway, I always get a little ansi whenever I'm accosted by people in such a way as it happens quite a bit and I tend to get a little belligerent. This blog is popular in an underground sense that doesn't show up on the web counter stats unfortunately which means that I can't benefit from it in the publishing or ads sense (forgive the pun). The club responsible often seeks to take the credit for the stories or even the posts by way of impostering one of their members off as me.

So of course the local stalkers club thought they'd follow me and try to get me to react in just such a way as part of one of their games. 

If you are a content provider of some kind or are trying to etch out your way into such a world, heads up. Be aware of such a thing and be cautious of those who might wan't to compromise your credibility by provoking reaction from you while you are away from your computer and out in about in society. The majority of people in this way aren't bad but there are some who make it a game. 

Watch out.

Now onto the next interesting thing.

Valentine's Day Competition For A Date?

Another such game was to make it a competition between myself and someone else for a night with a lady as a sort of Valentine's Day thing (which is disgusting as why would anyone do something like that and reduce a lady to being a prize for someone else in a competition for a night?). I'm single and I'm not looking for a night, I'm looking for a life.

I live in a great city in a great country that's part of a world that amazes me. But when stuff like that happens, I have to wonder how people value what that poor girl who is being touted around like a prize in a gladiator competition. Another thing. If someone wins, the group that does this gives out all of the non-winner's good to the winner and all of the winner's bad to the non-winner. So you are effectively swapped in repute of action.

If I participated in such a thing, then how could something like Valentine's Day ever be A Lady's Perogative

I am trying to stop things like that, not encourage them. 

If there was someone that liked me in that way and that I mutually felt the same about, we'd find each other. Not be awarded as part of a gladiatorial competition. 

That might be fun on television or in a game or if you signed up for something like that, but not by an organized group in society just pulling you into such a thing. 

Doesn't the poor girl have a say? Shouldn't people spend some time just talking first and hanging out?

About My Neighbourhood

Now the area in south Toronto in Canada (just south of Dundas St. And Sherbourne St.) where I live in a very modest bachelor pad at 200 Sherbourne St (Pembrook Mews is the name of the building) is OK and like every community it has its share of growing pains and the people that engage in such an activity are generally the exception rather than the rule but a nuisance enough at times but I'll focus on the good stuff here.

Personally there are some great places around here that I recommend like the True Love Cafe on the North West corner of Dundas St and Sherbourne St, a great artisticly friendly cafe with an earthy feel and a great variety of hot beverages, snacks and meals with plenty to do inside. I wonder if they still have that great upright piano in there? Every once in a while a local celebrity might show up and hammer out a tune. It stands out in contrast and should be a tourist site.

There are some great restaurant's, cafe's and up Parliament St. just north of Gerrard or Carlton like Ben Wick's, of course named after the famous Canadian cartoonist whose daily cartoons in newspapers world wide are still in distribution today as part of many dailies. A great variety of cuisine and drink in a modest but classy setting. I've been in there a few times in better days and enjoyed the food and drink thoroughly.

There's Jet Fuel (Reminds me of a nice artist's cafe in the west end that was called Rocket Fuel). A hip Cafe with great interior design and artistic feel and again a down to earth atmosphere. Oh, and they have great coffee and pastries.

There's The Sweet Creamery for pastries, there's the Flying Beaver Pubaret for grilled foods like chicken wings, burgers and drink (but not grilled drinks though because that's just wrong). There's the Gourmet Burger Co. for those of you with an appetite for burgers (they have veggie burgers too).

For the health and vegetarian conscious there's Ginger on the North West side of Carlton St and Parliament St. with an bright and welcoming setting. There's CHINA Gourmet on south Carlton St just west of Parliament St. for great Chinese cuisine of which I highly recommend Lemon Chicken or General Tso's chicken, a little further down there's Margarita's Mexican Fiesta (be prepared for lots of jalapeno and celantro). Incredible burritos and fajitas. 

There's Young Thailand, a great restaurant for Thai cuisine (I love their salads), full of sweet flavours and often very light and healthy. Cycle Solutions right beside it to the south, offers parts, professional service and repair for your bicycling needs.

I shop regularly at Freshco, an excellent grocery store located at Parliament St and Dundas St. with great variety and deals and even better service.

There are a great many places to eat, an awesome Aikido Dojo and school, the Children's Ballet Theatre, Home Hardware (I spent $150 on paint and plant supplies there last year), and the list goes on. Not to mention that it's just a fifteen minute walk from Dundas Square at Yonge Street and Dundas Street just around the corner from the recent opening of Madonna's workout studio called Hard Candy

My neighbourhood's got some neat things but also has some growing pains and hurdles too. I hope we can surmount them.

I just want to say thank you to all of the businesses and services in the area that are essential to my existence and to those that provide the garden of variety to that existence. For those of you visiting, check out some of the places that I've mentioned. They're worth the effort.

(I'll take the kick back in small unmarked bills. Oops, this isn't the fine print.)

For everyone out there especially to all of the Olympic athletes representing us over the next two weeks, be safe and most of all whether you are alone or hitched up, LGBTi, heterosexual or what ever is you,

Have A Happy Valentine's Day
Brian Joseph Johns
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