Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just a thought...

For someone in performance arts such as theatre, movies and television etc. One of the most difficult things there must be is that there are probably a lot of people that want to get to know you because they think that you're the character and not a real person separate from that character that used their talents to present their interpretation of the character for a performance.

There's probably a lot of people who would want to sleep with you for the same reasons (they're sleeping with the character and not you) and there's also many who might hate you for a movie character role and there's likely many that don't really want to know you

That might be a safety barrier though.

That's not to say that performance arts aren't rewarding considering the emotional investment one must make in a character (or musical performance) for a performance to really shine. 

However that is to say that there are likely many who just look upon that life and the end result of someone's  life in the public eye and assume that its all just an easy buck, who don't see these other aspects not to mention the fact that your privacy must be all of non-existent. Maybe one of the most public lives might be one of the most lonely lives. 

Ironic that loneliness can arise from the over abundance of people in one's life preventing them from really getting to know one person, just as it can from the absence of people in one's life affecting their chance of really getting to know one person.

Not to mention the effects of just one astigmatic cliche or mistake in same person's life or that of a character they perform might have a long term impact for them that is nearly impossible for them to escape.

Just a thought...

Brian Joseph Johns
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