Friday, October 4, 2013

The Limits Of Time...

One of the things that I'm sure that many people can attest to is the limits of time when it comes to viewing or listening to media. I am hoping that one of the areas of research are leading to a faster than realtime perception of media, such as youtube posts and others of people's creations, often that take more time than one has to see and that leaves you feeling a little bit bad when you want to take time to see them all, after all, someone put time and effort into creating them.

I'm wondering if we aren't around the corner from such a technology that would obviously find a market place very quickly thanks to the pressures of time demands for such a technology like the instructional technology in the Matrix or the virtual vacations in Total Recall thanks to the Wachowski Brothers, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson all of which were wildly ahead of their time in such visions.

With our current limits (some might call them benefits), we might learn from those who must deal with an abundance of input from outside sources who must often deal with limits of their own time in being able to attend to each one of those things.

Until then what are the possibilities of faster than our rate of cognition for taking in the media we so often consume?

Obviously this is the doorway to the next step in progress and will be ushered in by the pressure that our technology puts on us to be able to perceive faster than real time so that we ourselves can perceive more in the course of a day.

Thankfully many great authors, television and movie makers have started charting that perilous route for us.


There will be updates to the stories coming up in the next week or two along with a few others things including a possible pre-release version of something I've been crafting.

Thanks for your time,

Brian Joseph Johns

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