Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just An Illusion: (Original Composition)

Just An Illusion

This song was written and produced during my stay at the Dixon Hall School House shelter about four years ago. I had worked my butt off for three months and bought a cheap laptop and a keyboard so I could write music to keep myself from going crazy. It didn't work. The laptop was a HP Compaq Presario, the keyboard was an M-Audio KeyRig 49 an awesome midi controller keyboard with a Virtual Synth package included. It was recorded in two takes at about 3am in the morning on a February using the included Ableton Live recording software. Thanks to the great guitar sound which had effects like string noise and muted play based upon the velocity of your playing, I was able to get the perfect acoustic ballad sound and retain an eerie-ness with a great organ patch. I left the keyboard behind in storage when I left and it was quickly snatched unfortunately. I'm looking for another.
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